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The prophet is a fool,
The spiritual man is mad,
For the multitude of thine iniquity,
And the great hatred.
-from “Hallowed Ground”
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Returned to Sender
Charlotte Tonight
Info Needed for New Rock Fest
Ride Needed
Peoria Review Wanted
Peoria Show
Peoria Show
The Moshing Thread

Returned to Sender
I’ve heard that a few of you are having trouble sending email to
Interscope, and that your emails are returned as undeliverable. I
haven’t checked it out myself yet, but if anyone knows of an alternative
email addy, that might be nice for those of us who want to contribute to
the letter writing campaign.

Charlotte Tonight
Hey guys (n femmes…laf..bad pun). Today is Friday (DUH) and 2nite the
Femmes are playing Charlotte. AND, I will be there!! This is my first
Femmes concert and I will be on cloud 9 the WHOLE time. I just decided
I’d let everyone know how excited I already am and I can’t wait to get
off of work on Friday (I can’t believe i even have to work…grrr).
Just thinking about it sends chills down my spine that this is really
happening. I almost am expecting my brother to cop out on me again or
for the Femmes to cancel or SOMETHING crazy. Cross your fingers that
it doesn’t and look for word about the show on Monday!! Much love and
I’m sure some of you can relate to how I’m feeling!!


Info Needed for New Rock Fest
Hey! I tragically missed the Stevens Point show, but i’ve got my
Burlington ticket, and now I might have to get one for New Rock fest.
Personally I don’t listen to that station too much & the other bands
that will probably play are a little too trendy for my tastes. So just
to make sure it’s worth it for me…can some one give me a COMPLETE list
of who’s all playing there? I know all the headliners & I’m not big fans
of any of them. I do like Soul Asylum, though. And how long can we
expect the femmes to play for? and how much are grass seats? I’m not
gonna try to get reserved seats for such a big venue to see the Femmes
…I’m more used to seeing them up close and/or at small venues with all
general admission seating where I actually have room to dance (that’s
the best way to see ’em!)…and the grass is the only place you have
much space to dance at the Marcus really. I’ve seen them at the Marcus
during Summerfest before, but they were headliners then, and I got a
headstart on some really close reserved seats. But now that I’ve caught
the news a little too late to get significantly good reserved seats,
I’ll just get grass seats. I’m not even gonna stay for many of those
other cheap bands anyways. Green Day does have some good music, and
Soul Asylum is great, but to me being primarily a classic rock fan &
a Deadhead, the whole “new rock” format they’ve got at that station is
just annoying. You won’t see me buying a T-shirt for this concert.


by the way…I’m only gonna make this generous offer once: anyone who
can prove to me somehow that they attended the Violent Femmes show on
the 4th of July, 1996 at Summerfest at the Marcus Amphitheatre can
send me one 100 minute blank tape with a self addressed stamped mailer
and I’ll tape you a A+++ quality bootleg of that whole show. E-mail me
with some kind of proof (i.e.–a quote from a band member, a songlist,
a review of the show & your personnal experience, etc…)

Ride Needed
I want to go to the drexel show, but need a ride. Can anyone help?


Peoria Review Wanted
How was the Illinois Show?

-Pat. Says: Ask and you shall receive. Read on…

Peoria Show
Instead of going into detail about the setlist and how bad the crowd
sucked and blah blah blah, I’m going to let everyone know that something
unusual happened during this show. (Which, by the way, was of course,
another great one).
Well, it took the band a couple songs to warm up to the crowd, and I
think something was on their minds, since they didn’t seem to be as
completely gelled as they normally are. Gordon’s face looked bad bad
bad, too, but oh well. During the encore, Gordon pulled out a paper
napkin from his jacket and said that he had wrote this song at one of
the diners in Peoria,and wanted to try it out. I’m killing myself, b/c
I can’t remember the name of the song, but it was a really cool ditty.
It was about different races, and was really hard hitting. The first
verse was something about how the “Blacks, they sure can preach” and
there was a verse in there about how the “Yellow men can do anything
but put a tv on your wrist” — the crowd was kinda in shock the whole
time, and after one verse he mumbled “Yes, I did really say that!”, and
the “American Indians, they’re really good at sneaking up on people”. It
was a freakin hilarious song, and everyone throughoughly enjoyed it. The
point of it was something like god is unity, which makes us diverse, or
something. It was really really good. Regardless, hopefully someone else
at the show can remember that song and remember the refrain. I didn’t see
anything relating to what the title was on the FREAK MAGNET setlist
posted by deadpool, but maybe it has a wacky title. I sure hope it’ll be
on FM, since it’s a really neat song, my new favorite VF song, actually.
I hope it’s not a song like I CAME FOR YOUR WOMEN, and won’t be released
except on boot. (BTW, does anyone have access to last night’s Peoria

john #3

I just remembered the name of that song that I couldn’t remember
earlier. . . DIVERSITY OF MAN.

john #3

Peoria Show

The Peoria show was very unique. It was one of the roughest crowds I’ve
experienced. After getting in the first row (gen adm) I sat and waited
for the opening band. The band was “THe Uninvited” from San Francisco.
They were quite good. Their lyrics were “funny” and they had good tunes
including “Too High for the Supermarket” and “God Said”. In one of
their songs they made a reference to Blister saying something like
“When I’m a walkin, I strut my stuff, but I’m too high!” It was great.
One of the best opeing bands I have experienced.

But the real show was the Violent Femmes. Opening with “I Wanna See You
Again” they played quite a score including personal favs of Good
Feeling, Never Tell, Just LIke mY Father, and COlor me Once. They also
played the new stuff like Bad and Freak Magnet. But what surprised me
was when they played Add IT Up! It was not last! It was the last song
before the ENCORE! I was shocked. Every concert I had been to before,
and that is quite a few, they always finished with Add It UP.

When they returned Gordon decided to read a song he had written the
night before on a napkin! It was literally on the Napkin!. It was
called “The Diversity of Man!” and it was about agreeing with what
Reggie White said earlier this year. It was great. The highlight of
the evening.
Following the concert, I was talking with some of the crew and they told
me to call Interscope. He explained that it was a bunch of BS politics.
They handed out a few passes to hang with the band.

Hope this review made you wish you were there! 🙂



The Moshing Thread
If I may clarify my position on participation at concerts?

I have no objection to dancing, singing, screaming–I did plenty of it.
what I object to is people flinging themselves around with no concern
for the people around them. People were getting knocked over, jabbed
in the face and kicked. That does not make for a good experience.

paying attention to the moods and feelings of the music should not make
concert goers oblivious to those fans who are smaller, less athletic,
whatever. To paraphrase: Your freedom to swing your fist ends where my
face begins.

Violent thrashing about and slamming into people does not make a concert
better or more enjoyable for anyone except those big enough to slam
without getting badly hurt. If all my attention must be focused on
keeping my balance and not getting crushed underfoot, how can I
participate in the magic that is this band?

I am all for getting into the music–BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHER
PEOPLE’S SAFETY. A little common sense is all I ask.