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Lies, lies, lies, lies
lies, lies, lies, lies
lies, lies, lies, lies
lies, lies, lies
-I really don’t have to tell you what song that’s from, do I?


April 22- 8 p.m., Agora Theatre, Cleveland, OH, $14 (T)
April 23- Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA (P,O)
April 24- Gampel Pavilion, Storrs, CT (P)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers


Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Cambridge, MA
potatoe482 (Em)

London, England
xav (Xav)
eirikurs (Eirikur)

Denver, CO
truman (Emily)
lmjacobs (Laurie)



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Johnson and Wales Info Needed
Denver Show
RE: DMFD Intros
Dancing and Surfing With the Femmes
MP3 and cigar
RE: Yugoslavia
RE: Yugoslavia
Humanitarian Bombs
RE: Yugoslavia


Well, there’re a few of responses to Viktor’s letter from Yugoslavia.
I am printing these, despite my restrictions against off-topic threads,
because it is after all a fellow subscriber who finds himself in the
midst of this mess, but I am asking that if anyone desires to continue
this discussion to please do so off-list. I will not print any more,
other than (I hope) the occasional note from Viktor informing us of
his continued safety. Viktor’s address was at the end of his letter,
so if anyone wants to write to him, you can look on Monday’s letter.
Please do not..I repeat DO NOT flame him if you disagree with what he
said. He’s got more important things to worry about right now. I’d bet
that words of comfort would be appreciated however, even if he can’t
get to the computer much these days to respond.

Hi everyone,
Well it looks like this Friday night might be the long awaited
chance for my son to play with the Femmes at Elizabethtown College. We
are so excited. We are just waiting for the final word from Gordon.
Are any of you going? I’ll be the maturish looking (don’t let that
fool you) woman with the huge smile on her face. Lots of family and
friends are coming too so……. maybe I’ll see some of you.


Johnson and Wales Info Needed
Help! I want to get tickets to the show in Providence, RI on May 1st.
But I don’t have any idea how to get tickets. Pollstar doesn’t sell
them, so I’m confused. Is there anyway u can help? If so, thanks.
My email address is Phen477 Later

* Jen

-Pat. Says: The phone number for J&W is 1-800-342-5598.

Denver Show
Planning to go to the Denver show, wondering if anyone has more info on
it yet.

Laurie M. Jacobs

RE: DMFD Intros
That was me who was putting together the page with DMFD Intros. I have
to admit the page does not exist yet. I decided to wait a couple weeks
more to see if I got any more (I don’t have many) before putting the
page together. During those couple weeks I began to play soccer for my
university and now have approximately 3 seconds each day to myself. I
am still planning on doing it (probably after May 13th). Sorry for the

Daniel J. Kubiak

Dancing and Surfing With the Femmes

Regarding the question about whether or not the Femmes are anti-
dancing, that would be a definite no. I’ve been to two shows in the
past month, one on each coast. And yes, I flew to the opposite coast
for no other reason than to see the Femmes! At the show at Lupo’s in
Providence, RI, Gordon was in full-on grunge mode, with several days of
stubble, black jeans and a Ramones T-shirt. There was plenty of crowd-
surfing (mostly girls) and a little pushing and shoving, but it wasn’t
that bad. I was up against the front railing and got only slightly
bruised, but I was prepared to keep my spot no matter how bad it got.
(I’d sacrifice a couple of ribs for the Femmes!) There were bouncers
to keep people from stage-diving, and only one guy managed to make it
on-stage. Unfortunately, he kicked a girl in the head as he dove into
the crowd and she started crying, but she didn’t give up her front and
center position!! One bouncer deserved a bonus for withstanding a very
sexy girl who obviously wanted to get backstage REALLY bad and who
repeatedly climbed over the railing and draped herself all OVER the
guy, whispering Lord knows what in his ear, and like a Roman Castrati
he stone-facedly kept telling her to get back behind the railing.

A month later, at the University of Oregon at Eugene, it was a much
calmer, more polite crowd. The security guards were power-mad and
bellowed before the show that if there was any surfing the show would
be immediately halted. I know that was the University’s rule, not the
Femmes, both because of the show I’d just been to and because Ray the
guitar tech said while setting up, “Look, we don’t want to have to do
this, but if you make it (surfing) up here to the front, the guards are
going to have to evict you. Peace and love, everyone!” I was once
again up against the guard rail and paid no attention to what was going
on behind me during the show, so I don’t know if there was any surfing
or not. But the people around me were annoyingly calm; I was hopping
around like a freak, drenched in sweat, and screamed myself voiceless
by the end of the show, but the people around me weren’t dancing.
Oddly, the Femmes didn’t do DMFD that night; is there a connection?

Here’s a bit of trivia: “Animal House” was filmed at U.O. Eugene. The
ballroom in which the Femmes played is the same one where they filmed
the FOOOOOOD FIIIIIIIGHT. By the way, I’m not a student there, I just
drove 600 miles to see the show (dang, I should get frequent Femmes
miles or something!).

Did anyone review either of these shows already? If not, I’ve got set
lists and could babble on in great detail about either or both.


-Pat. Says: It’s always nice to hear about everyone’s experiences,
because they’re all different.

MP3 and cigar
#1 to the Editor: your MP3 link no longer has the Femmes on it.

#2 Does anyone know what kind of cigars Brian likes? I’m also a cigar
buff, so if any one has links or info please write.


Freak Magnet with cover art on eBay …
Anybody notice that there is a new copy of Freak Magnet for sale on
eBay that has COVER ART?!!? The pic on there is very small but it
appears to be an overexposure of some sort of bug. I have a promo
poster for the album and it’s somewhat similiar to that picture. After
much consideration I had decided the poster was either a hairy bug or
metallic shavings that had been magnetized. In any case this is the
first time I had seen a pic associated with the cd.
BTW – What does everyone think about the fact that FM copies are going
for mucho dinero on the net?


-Pat. Says: My promo has a some green and black wavy lines, and VF in
flames on the bottom. And on the inside is that picture
which was on the web page for awhile, with Brian wearing
glasses, and an orange jacket, smoking a cigar, and

RE: Yugoslavia
Victor signs off from Serbia saying:




Milosovic knows what he is doing.


Good idea. Let those who want to read the propaganda that Serbia is
putting out go to the website. But let’s not use this site as a forum
for it. Keep this site clear of nationalistic propaganda from either
side. America Is…Serbia Is.. Same difference.
As our boys have observed:

Turn the key, turn the lock.
Nationalism, you can suck my…

Peace to everyone.
Stop the killing, burning, raping, ethnic “cleansing”

Greetings from America

RE: Yugoslavia
Hi all,

With great intrest I read the experiences & viewpoints of our
Yugoslavian friend. Especially this piece of information was notable.

>The western media has been manipulating public opinion for far too
>long, turning Serbs into brutal killers and Albanians into innocent
>victims. There are things everybody in the world should know…

I think he’s absolutely right, the artrocities committed (by Croatians
& Bosnians) to Serbs in the Bosnian and Croatian wars were far more
minorized in our media compared with the atrocities committed (by
Serbs) to Croatians and Bosnians.

On the other hand some information in his post are biased (but how can
we blame him) by the manipulated information given to the Yugoslav
public by Serbian information sources (like TanJug or the Serbian
Ministry for Information). The information that hundreds of NATO
soldiers are killed in the war can only be absolutely false. Do you
really think that so many missing persons go by unnoticed in the
States or Western Europe? The atrocities committed by Serb militias
in Kosovo to the Albanian people were proven by independant sources,
yet nothing is said about that in Serbian media and information
sources. Why do you think Serb authorities closed down an independant
radio station like Radio B92 (well, not really closed down, they just
replaced the staff by government staff).

I’m not saying here that Serbs are bad people (they’re not!), I’m just
saying that the media (and the Internet) is used by both sides to keep
their general public supporting their military authorities.

You ask me : “how do you know?” Well, with a couple of friends in
Belgium we started out a gathering point for information from the war,
and we’re collecting these sources on a webpage, just to compare the
two (or even three) different parties’ information sources (it’s on The differences
between the two sides are overwhelming. Yes, CNN is telling just
partially the truth (& mix in a few lies undoubtedly), but Serb and
Yugoslav media are doing exactly the same thing.

Let me close here by saying that the information & viewpoint expressed
in the post by Viktor is added as an extra eye-witness report to our


Humanitarian Bombs
> You know, I think you’re right.
> The western media has been manipulating public opinion for far too
> long, turning Serbs into brutal killers and Albanians into innocent
> victims. There are things everybody in the world should know…

I have to say that was one of the best posts I’d ever seen about the
western propaganda machine and the evils of humanist philosophy. For
those of you that skipped the post, go back and re-read it. If you
deleted it, e-mail me and I’ll send you a copy that I’m saving.

Anyways, what I’m basically getting to is highlighted in the term
“humanitarian catastrophe.” Every time America wants to stick its nose
somewhere, it creates a humanitarian catastrophe. If you want another
interesting tidbit, Hitler claimed a “humanitarian catastrophe” as his
excuse for invading Czechoslovakia. Tito (of Japan) claimed a similair
excuse for invading China. They both also had at least as good of
excuses as NATO currently does.

If any of you want to read more about this, go to The BroncDebate site is
my page dedicated to protesting the bombings. Read the Noam Chomsky
article if nothing else. Please, it is worth looking at. America’s
government is committing atrocities. Don’t let them get away with it.

Matt Singer

RE: Yugoslavia
Hi everybody,

I’m from Russia and our goverment is very concerned about the
Yugoslavian confict, say I’m talking from the opposite side, as Victor
does. Let’s talk about it.

First of all: I’m not trying to represent the whole Russian opinion,
I’m a personality – not a country.

I want to clear my position: I’m sure that the current Yugoslavian
goverment lead by Miloshevich is not democratic, thus it must be
dismissed. I even see some facism in its policy. The Serbs didn’t
support Miloshevich much, but that was before NATO started bombing
Yugoslavia. Now they are consolidated around Miloshevich, who solely
represents a person, that could lead the right fight against NATO’s
aggression. That’s the only fault of NATO strategists – they hadn’t
thought the situation can turn this way. And THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT TO
There might be no winner in this war, because NOBODY can forgive the
death of the close people, which would happen if the conflict goes
too far (I think at the moment we can’t stop it).

Imagine what you would feel if bombs will fall on your motherland? I
can’t imagine it clearly, but I think I would be enraged against people
who do that with my home. Victor is right – this bombing is simple
terrorism (this term for me means exactly the following: unability to
legally control situation and thinking that a problem can be resolved
by rough force). All arabian terrorists and follows that States had
claimed do think this way. They are unable to do something – they want
to enforce it. The same had happened when the Man did not speak – they
killed each other in an attempt to be more comfortable (to have more
food, more territory, more water). Have we all rolled back to that
state? Yes we have!!!

And this is the only thing that I want to tell you: guys don’t let
goverments (USA, Yugoslavia, Russia or whatever), mass media make us
primitive animals – we can speak to each other. Bombs can do nothing
but burns hate…

It doesn’t matter how many exactly airplanes have been striked, the
matter is that people are starting to see enemy, they’re potential to
kill now. I don’t know what else to say, what can be worther than this
evident fact. For me it sounds horrible.

As for Russia: our polititians do their dirty work speculating on
friendship of Russia and Yugoslavia… They don’t care of murdered
people whether they are Serbian or Albanian… They make money. Our
mass media behaves exactly the same way as, for example, the US one
does – it lies. When conflict was just started they made an artificial
panic: US bombing innocent Yugoslavia, destroying economy etc. And
there was NO SINGLE WORD about repressions in Kosovo, goto politics of
Yugoslavian goverment… They just wanted to form public opinion. Most
agressive even talked about taking active part in the conflict – they
want to start war “to make consolidated nation”. I hate this. All
publications or reports are complete lie, politics in other words. No
truth or sincerity and don’t expect it.

That’s all.

Peace to everybody.
Let’s listen to music: I do believe that it will help us to understand
each other!