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“Fans” and Kosovo
News From Yugoslavia
The web page mentions new femmes “albums” due out this fall. Should I
start getting my hopes up yet?


-Pat. Says: Someone from the list mentioned a few months ago that there
may be a live album.

“Fans” and Kosovo

<< so I can be justified in making fun of
the people there who only know Blister and the chorus to Add it Up >>

I don’t know why, but people like this really bug me. I’m not really
sure why. We have to admit femmes fans are few in number, and i know
if some of these BITS fans would give the band’s other songs and albums
a listen, they wouldn’t really like them. So ……. I don’t really
know what I’m getting at here but….. I talked to my brother about
this and he said that i should be happy that people like the one or two
songs What do you guys I just a freak or something (my
brother is one of these “fans” he gives them BITS, Machine, and “held
her in my arms” though but he doesn’t like any other songs at least
thats what he says i catch him singing their songs sometimes

and now on to Kosovo

will somebody clue me in on whats actually going on here? i know
basiclly but not the details thanks


-Pat. Says: Read on to hear from Viktor.

News From Yugoslavia
Thanks for thinking about us. It really means a lot!
Belgrade still has electricity and water. But I’m not turning on my
computer during air raids because I fear a possible black-out or
electrical shock could damage it.
Now, I don’t know how you feel about this, but I wrote a more extensive
message about the crisis in my country. If you think that it’s not for
the list, or that it’s too long, that’s O.K. I just thought everybody
should be informed about the other side’s view.

> Hello all I understand the desire to keep this message board free of
> politics but this horrible war must be discussed and thought about.

You know, I think you’re right.
The western media has been manipulating public opinion for far too
long, turning Serbs into brutal killers and Albanians into innocent
victims. There are things everybody in the world should know…

NATO was founded after WWII to defend its member countries from the
Russian (Warshaw Pact) threat. After the Warshaw Pact broke up and the
‘cold war’ was over, the need for NATO disappeared. We still have the
United Nations which can (and do) handle world’s problems. But NATO
didn’t want that to happen. The alliance realized that the only way to
maintain its role as a ‘needed’ force is to create conflicts around the
world and then to show up as the ‘judge and jury’!
This is how it came to this: today NATO is attacking Yugoslavia WITHOUT
any legal background! Not only they have no permission from the UN,
they are acting against its own laws, which say that force can only be
applied when defending a member country from invasion. Yugolsavia didn’t
invade anybody (notice the difference between this and the Gulf war,
where Iraq invaded Kuwait).
To continue the air strikes against my country NATO needed some cause
which would justify the whole action in the eyes of the public. This
cause has been found in the ‘humanitarian catastrophy’. I don’t have to
tell you what CNN and other TV stations are showing on their program.
But, what the average watcher of this program probably isn’t aware of
is that there are (or have been) many similar ‘humanitarian
catastrophies’ around the world which haven’t been shown on TV. For
instance, from 1990 to 1994 about 1.000.000 Turkish Kurds have been
killed or driven out of their homeland by the Turkish army!! Nobody
bothered about that, maybe because Turkey is a member of NATO. There is
even a better example you can check upon in the Washington Post:

Serbs as Victims by Walter R. Roberts (Saturday, April 10, 1999)

The pictures from the borders of Kosovo have outraged the whole
world. There is no doubt that Serb elements in Kosovo were responsible
for many, though by no means all, refugees. The Yugoslav authorities
should stop denying Serb involvement. But where was the outrage when
more than 300,000 Serbs were evicted by the Croatian government from the
Krajina, a Croatian land inhabited by Serbs for centuries? Although a
few news clips were shown on TV, they soon disappeared from the screens.
There were hardly any statements denouncing Croatian actions. Yet the
circumstances were similar to today’s expulsions, except that some NATO
powers quietly encouraged them because they weakened the Serb position
in Bosnia. The deportations were as brutal as the ones we are now
witnessing. Serbs had to leave instantaneously; houses were burned, and
many Serbs were killed.
The Yugoslav government, burdened by U.N. sanctions, absorbed these
refugees into Serbia. There were no relief flights from NATO countries
and hardly any help from U.N. or other nongovernmental relief

Passing to the public one set of news while hiding another is called
MEDIA MANIPULATION! From these examples it is clear that NATO isn’t
concearned about saving human lives (otherwise it would act wherever it
is necessary) but is looking for a poor excuse for bombing a country
which is not fulfilling its demands. When I watch the daily NATO
briefings and hear all the lies about how they are bombing only military
targets, it makes me sick! Bombs are falling on residential areas,
schools, churches, etc. One example: it was well known that the workers
of the car factory in Kragujevac were protecting their working places
by spending night after night in the factory halls. NATO burned the
place to the ground!

Wake up people, they are lying to you!! There have been reports from
Macedonian and Greek sources that about 100 NATO soldiers have already
been killed in action and have been secretly shipped to the States.
Also, the number of downed planes is far higher that the one stealth
fighter which was confirmed by NATO (it’s about 20-30). They are hiding
all these information because it would cause the public to ask
themselves what the heck is going on and what are we fighting for?!
Now public opinion is perfectly manipulated into supporting a ground
offensive, without realizing what that would mean: Vietnam II in the
middle of Europe. Is it worth it???
Just to show how much NATO cares about the Albanians: before NATO
started its aggression the situation in Kosovo was very bad. The Serbs
were offered a completely one-sided deal: either you allow NATO troops
to enter Kosovo + the possibility of Kosovo secession in 3 years or face
air strikes! Yugoslavia rejected. Then, NATO armed the KLA (a terrorist
organization which was labeled as such by the US ambassador Robert
Gelbart in 1998, but turned into “freedom fighters” afterwards) to its
teeth, pulled out the OSCE verifying mission along with aid workers and
started an air campaign all over the country. I don’t have to tell you
that all hell broke loose! Now in its attempt to weaken us as much as
possible NATO is again arming KLA terrorists and pushing them over the
Albanian-Yugoslav border into certain death. They are using these people
as if they are bombs or missiles – fire and forget. The Albanian
refugees are suffering, too. They have no idea what’s going on, with
nothing on their minds except their own agony. They have been instructed
to tell moving stories about atrocities commited by the Serbs and in
exchange for that NATO will tear Kosovo from Yugoslavia and give it to
Of course, this whole thing is making me sometimes angry, sometimes sad.
There is obviously no World Justice. The UN’s hands are bound. They
can’t do anything while the law of the ones with the bigger weapons is
in charge…
I don’t know what to say except to quote Manic Street Preachers:
“If you tolerate this, then your children will be next”

Maybe I should finish with a Serbian saying:
“Forgive them, God, they don’t know what they are doing”

Peace to everyone
Stop the bombs

Greetings from Yugoslavia

P.S.: Hear the other side, visit: