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The Quote Of The Day:

I’ll show you what it’s like to sink!
-From Never Tell
-Submitted by ktgrady


April 16- Robins Center, Univ. of Richmond, Richmond, VA (P,T)
(w/Pat McGee Band)
April 17- Shepherd’s College, Shepherdstown, WV (P,O)
April 18- 6.30 p.m., Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH (T)
(Pre-concert party, price includes preferred seating
and hotdog/chips, price does NOT include concert)
April 18- 7 p.m., Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH (T,P)
April 20- 9 p.m., The Canopy, Urbana, IL, 18+ show, (T,P)
Note: this conflicts with the Absinthe show.
April 21- 8 p.m., Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI (T,P,O)
April 22- 8 p.m., Agora Theatre, Cleveland, OH, $14 (T)
April 23- Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA (P,O)
May 1- 4:30 p.m., Harvard, Cambridge, MA (O) STUDENT ONLY SHOW
May 1- 9:30 p.m., Johnson and Wales College, Providence, RI (P)
May 4- Le Batacian, Paris, France (P,O)
May 5- Forum, London, England (P,O)
May 6- Student’s Festival, Lisbon, Portugal (P,O)
May 8- Oporto Festival, Oporto, Portugal (P,O)
May 10- E-Werk, Cologne, Germany (P,O)
May 11- Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway (O,P)
May 12- Akadamiske, Bergen, Norway (O,P)
May 13- Stutentersamfundest, Trondheim, Norway (O,P)
June 6- Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ (P)

**July 17- :LoDo Festival, Denver, CO (P)**

July 31-Barnstable Co. Fairground, Hyannis, MA (P)
August 14- Historic Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA (P)

**Sept 5- Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA (P)**
**Sept 6- Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA (P)**

**April 24-Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA (O)**

April 26- 8 p.m., Wetlands Preserve, NY, NY, $8 (T)
w/Heal, Lil Mama

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers


Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Richmond, VA

Ann Arbor, MI

Cambridge, MA (If correct)
potatoe482 (Em)

London, England
xav (Xav)
eirikurs (Eirikur)



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In Today’s Issue:

The Bellingham Show
Femmes Concert
Femmes in Mass!!!
New Perspective
RE: Safe In Yugoslavia


There have been no issues since last Monday because until this weekend
there were only two short posts, and I didn’t consider them enough to
put together an issue. I can’t run this thing myself; I need your
thoughts to keep it going!
Oh, and three cheers for my oldest son, who won a 3rd place supercross
trophy this weekend!

The Bellingham Show
On Easter Sunday, I attended the Femmes show at the Mount Baker Theatre
in Bellingham, Washington (My beautiful home town near the Canadian
border and 90 miles north of Seattle.) The Mt. Baker is grand old
theatre and not something I would have guessed to be a performance
venue for our guys. It has immoveable seats and a strict prohibition
against standing, let alone dancing in the aisles. Crowd surfing?

Well, in short, the concert was great and this 57 year old man enjoyed
being able to see his favorite group without fear of injury from
surfers and others in a pit. They played most of their classics and a
few of their new ones from Rock and Freak. The classics, as expected,
got the greatest reception. BITS was the third song played. The crowd
noise was deafening after the first chord was played. It brought the
whole house to its feet for the first time. Only a few remained
standing for the entire concert but most were standing in the last 45
minutes when the group wents into some prolonged jams (the thing I
like most about concert performances). The Horns were on stage for
probably half of the performance including the last half hour. The
opening act (El Destroyo out of San Francisco) was very good. The lead
singer is funny and their songs both quirky and melodious. I’ll gladly
see them again when they come back up here on their own.

The concert was not sold out. My guess is that the theatre seats about
1800 and that their were 250 seats unclaimed in the balcony. Easter had
a lot to do with that. Bellingham is a college town and a lot of the
students had gone home for the holiday. One of the highlights was a
traditional Easter song performed by Gordon, his sister and his nephew
as a lead-in to Jesus Walking on the Water. Brian introduced it by
saying that family was very important to Gordon and that Easter was a
family day.

I did go to the stage door afterwards where a crowd of about 20 had
gathered. Guy was first out, signing posters, T-shirts and posing for
pictures. I had not met him before and had a great conversation with
him. We talked about the side projects the group was involved with. He
seemed surprised that I knew about Absinthe. I asked when Freak Magnet
would be released. He said he had no idea. He also told me that Brian’s
wife (the good doctor) was convinced that Freak Magnet was jinxed and
would never be released. When I brought up their England trip, he said
that he was very much looking forward to it and that he thought that
they would sell out there. Guy is a sensational percussionist and a
very natural, no pretense person–a very likeable Guy.

Brian was next out. He was also magnaminous about signing and posing.
He shared with a couple of pre-teen boys there with their dad that he
used to love to go to concerts with his dad when he was their age. He
said he sat outside the door of a bar once to hear a favorite group
since he was not allowed inside. He did not “hang” like Guy did,
however. After about five minutes, he asked whether anybody needed
anything else from him and went to the bus when nobody piped up. I
talked with him briefly about Freak Magnet. When I told him what the
promo copies were fetching on e-Bay, he seemed surprised. He had heard
they were popular but didn’t know how much so.

While waiting another 15 minutes for Gordon to come out, I had a nice
chat with his sister. She also struck me as a very nice and natural
person. I asked how it was that the group had booked Bellingham. She
said that it had a new manager who was booking them into smaller venues,
in part to increase their exposure for the release of their new CD (in
the fall she believed). Since living in New York, Gordon also enjoys
playing smaller cities more.

Since my mind is slopping with age, I forget whether it was she or
Brian who told me that when Freak Magnet is released, there may be
changes to it. It may not be the same set of songs that exists on the
promo. That ought to make the promo a real collectors item, if true.

When Gordon came out, the remaining crowd encircled him. He signed
whatever asked and posed but did not really pause to chat. He was off
into a waiting four wheel drive vehicle with his family within a couple
of minutes. Only when you are standing next to him do you realize how
short he is. I always thought that Brian was a very big man ; but, this
now seems to me to be a relativity type thing. The years also do not
seem to be wearing as well on Gordon as they are on Brian. Still, his
voice is the best.

That’s my report, Pat. I hope to have an opportunity to report on a
return visit in the future.


Femmes Concert
hey everyone!!
I have never been to a femmes concert but i finally got my ticket from
a student for E-town
tickets haven’t gone on sale for non-students yet but i will inform
you when they do.
I was wondering- do the femmes sell merchandise at their concerts? if
so what kind? and are there mosh pits? ( i kinda doubt it which is good
but you never know..) do people dance? stand? i have never been to one
of their concerts so i am REALLy excited since i love them- i am hoping
to wait and meet them
what should i say to them if i do?


Femmes in Mass!!!
For the first time in all my years of listening to them, I finally have
the chance to see the Femmes in concert. July 31, in Hyannis, on Cape
Cod! Two days after my birthday, no less! I don’t actually have
tickets yet, but I will the minute they go on sale, if I have to sign
away my immortal soul. It’s still four months away, but I’m nonetheless
pretty psyched. I’ve never actually been to a Femmes concert before, so
I need some pointers. I do have every album, including Freak Magnet,
and know every song by heart, so I can be justified in making fun of
the people there who only know Blister and the chorus to Add it Up. I’m
not female, so my chances of meeting the band are probably pretty slim.
I’m probably not going to do anything extraordinary, depending on who
I’m with, so I’ll just enjoy the experience. Anyway, add me to the
list, Pat. I’m going to see the Femmes!!! Yeah.


New Perspective
I was interested to read about what its like for Viktor being in
Yugoslavia. When the US and UK attacked Iraq in December, i saw the
coverage on CNN and BBC of bombs bombs bombs. Then i found out that
there is an Iraqi guy living in my guest house (here in maastricht,
NL)who was really worried cos he had been unable to contact his family
for a week. So i got to see things from a different perspective.
Anyway to cut along story short i lent him some Femmes but he wasn’t
so keen on them. Oh well, can’t win them all. I have played my CDs
to all and sundry and another english guy started borrowing my
collection, but he has been the only one. Maybe i should send him

best wishes everyone
jez smith

RE: Safe In Yugoslavia
Hello all I understand the desire to keep this message board free of
politics but this horrible war must be discussed and thought about. I
think it is imperative that forums like this discuss such issues as
directly or indirectly we are all effected by the horror of what is
happening tin Kosovo.I may be on the other side of the world but even
here we are hoping for a peaceful end to this situation. Thanks for

Magda Melbourne , Australia

Here’s an interesting little bit of information, its not very useful
but i’ll tell u anyway. I was watching tv late last night (sunday in
oz) and a movie started up called “Pyrates”. Which starred a fairly
young Kevin Bacon. The movies easily over 10 yrs old, I watched it
anyway. The plot of the movie is that Kevins character meets a girl and
what happens is that every time they have sex, wherever they are the
surroundings catch fire. Thats abit of the plot (i wasnt really paying
attention). So they go for a drive to some woods or something and while
they’re driving the music in the background is none other than the
femmes. The song playing on the stereo is “Girl Trouble”. Which i
thought was kinda cool because its one of the femmes songs u wouldnt
really associate with being in a movie.

P.S. Am i the only person in the world to have seen this movie

Frank -fjv01

I was watching TV on Thus night. It was the Sifl & Olly show, two
socks puppets on MTV. They had this jux-box that made you into any
band that you could think of or something like that. So, they started
singing Blister in the Sun. It was so weird. Even the box was
singing. They had a background with this huge sun popping in and out.
It was just so weird and random to see. After they had finished the
song, one of the puppets started humming the first few notes of Kiss
Off. It was just too funny.

Stephani Kahal