Apr. 6- 9 p.m. World Mardi Gras, Indianapolis, IN (T,O,P) 21+ SHOW
Apr. 7- Knight’s Hall, Bellarmine College, Louisville, KY, ~$17.50
April 9 – University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, PA (O,P)
Apr. 16- 7:30 p.m. Quandt Fieldhouse, University of Wisconsin,
Stevens Point, WI $19.50/21.50 (O,P)
Apr. 17- 8 p.m. North Michigan University, Marquette, MI
$11.50/$13.50 (O,P)
Apr. 18- 7:30 p.m. McGown Gym, Winona State University, Winona, MN
Apr. 19- Fargo Civic Auditorium, Fargo, ND (O,T,P)
Apr. 21- 7:30 p.m. Madison Theatre, Peoria, IL (O.T,P)
Apr. 24- Center CityFest ’98, Charlotte, NC (O,P)
Apr. 26- La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA (O)
April 30 – 96.5 The Peak, Denver, CO (O)
May 2- Salisbury State College, Salisbury, MD (O)
May 3- 99X Stage@Music Midtown, Atlanta, GA (O,P)
May 9 – KMYZ, Tulsa, OK (O)
May 10 – Frontier City Arena, Oklahoma City, OK (O) TENTATIVE DATE
May 11 – Witchita, KS (O) TENTATIVE DATE
May 15- Chocolate Fest, Burlington, WI (O,P)

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WI Shows Info Needed
Burlington Info Needed
Bellarmine Info
The Brandeis Show
The Brandeis Show
The Brandeis Show
RE: Who Decides?
RE: Who Decides?

Guess how freakin’ ecstatic I am! In my hands at this very moment I am
holding the Freak Magnet CD!!! How jealous are you of me? (I’m sorry,
but no one I know cares about this stuff as much as you guys do. I told
my friend Kristen, but she gave me a bad impression of Homers Whoo-hoo.)

The best part of this was that my roommate Andrew got it for me, not
realizing that it was the one that we’ve all been impatiently waiting
for. I know this is a bootleg, and I’m not sure how many of you
disagree with it, so feel free to yell and complain, but remember, I
have the CD and you don’t.
So my quote of the day is from Rejoice & Be Happy,
-“You are the salt of the earth. If you’re not salted what are you


-Pat. Says: This is the sound of Pat pouting …… OK Kendra, you
have to at least send in the list of songs on the album,
and tell us if there’s any cover art.

WI Shows Info Needed
Put me down for going to the 2 Wisconsin shows: April 16 at UW-Steven’s
Point & May 15 Burlington. But I need to know where & how to get the
tickets & how much. Femmes concerts have been known to sell out here in
their home state. I’m a student at UW-Milwaukee (ya know the place
mentioned in that “degradation” ad & right near the Oriental where the
Femmes were discovered…I know the “Dahmer’s dead” story well, and I
know what Gordon means about “Waiting for the Bus”!) and I’ve already
seen 4 Femmes shows around Wisconsin… If anyone has any bootlegs of
any Femmes shows from anywhere in Wisconsin in the past 3 years, please
let me know. And if anyone’s taping the Stevens Point and/or Burlington
show, please let me know. Also, I really need to know how much, where to
get, and how to get tickets for these 2 shows.


-Pat. Says: Don’t know anything about the Burlington show yet, but this
was in an issue a couple of weeks ago. You weren’t here
then, so you wouldn’t have seen it:
You never know when a show will sell out, but quite a few
have been doing so lately. Your best bet would be to get
your ticket ahead of time. If you can’t go personally,
charge the tix and have them waiting for you at will call.

Burlington Info Needed
Hi I live near milwaukee and am very intersted in going to the
burlington-chocolate fest show… does anybody have any info on this
(i.e. tickets, times, etc). thanks very much.



Bellarmine Info
I called today to check for a guy who just emailed me after Wednesday’s
AM issue.
Tues 4/7 – Louisville KY – Bellarmine College
Still plenty of tickets left but they are expecting a BIG walk-up crowd.
Potential sellout as there were only 3000 tickets. Will-call and ticket
sales will be open from 12-1pm and then not again until 7pm. Doors open
at 8pm and there is NO seating. Get there early!


The Brandeis Show
The show at Brandeis was great…There were about 500 people in the
gym. I was right up front (I swear Brian and I made eye contact a few
times…but I bet everyone else there thought the same thing!). The
played “Freak Magnet,” from their new album, I’m assuming, which was an
OK song. The only annoying thing about the concert was the crowd
surfers!!! I can understand how one can really get into a concert and
dance like mad, but crowd surfing is really stupid! People surfed
during “Good Feeling” (!!!!!!!!) and some guy landed right on my
friend’s head. Not only were some of the audience annoyed, but it
obviously pissed the band off as well.
Other than that, the concert was excellent. The Femmes played with
such great energy that it was easy to ignore the sweaty kids dropping
like flies around me and earning some well deserved bruises.

The Brandeis Show
Hey–I just wanted to let you know that the Brandeis show was a great
time. It was my first VF show so I can’t compare it to any others,
but I thought it was awesome. Brian played the conche shell, the
digeridoo, a tiny sax, a bass that had to be bigger than me and a
bunch of other instruments. There was an awesome drum solo for about
15 minutes, and I must say….I never knew Gordon’s eyes were either
that blue or that beautiful. There was a pit was it was pretty much
confined to one place and it wasn’t too rough. There were way too
many crowd surfers and since I was in the front the bouncers kept
dragging them over my head. That’s okay though. Anyway, my first VF
experience was great even though I they didn’t go on till past 10 and
they didn’t go off till past 12 and I didn’t get home till past 2 and
I definately had to be at school before 7. Well, that’s it…later!!


The Brandeis Show
Even though I haven’t seen the femmes live in two years, or so, I was
able to check out the show at Brandeis, (missed the night before) and it
was tremendous. The Brandeis gym might not be the ideal place for a
concert, but what the hell. The show was fairly crowded, mainly
boston-area students, but some older fans as well, which was heartening,
although, I noticed for the first time the lack of ethnic diversity that
the femmes seem to attract…
Regardless, the opening act was Foidie, or something along those lines.
I missed most of their performance, but it appeared to be three
drummers, and it got the crowd mostly amped.
The femmes got on stage late, about 10:30, maybe. Guy was in black,
with a 16 horsepower shirt, Gordon was in white t-shirt and leather
jacket, and Brian was wearing an orange sari.

The set-list, as far as I know, was:

Look Like That
Out The Window
I’m Nothing (with the full band)
Please Do Not Go
Country Death Song
Dahmer Is Dead
Waiting For The Bus
Blister In The Sun
Prove My Love
American Music
Good Feeling
Dance MF Dance (with Brian on one-string bass)
Bad Bad Bad (I don’t know if this is the name of the song. I’ve never
heard it before, and it was hot, hot, hot. I can only assume
it’s off of Freak Magnet)
Gimme The Car
???–> I didn’t catch much lyrically, but it’s a religous tune with
rejoicing and the saviour featured prominently in the chorus.
I hope that it’s on freak magnet, as well, because it was
really, really good.
To The Kill
I Held Her In My Arms
Old Mother Reagen
Freak Magnet —> If this keeps up, the album will be great, better
than rock. This song, again, was unbelievable.
Confessions–>with the horns of dilemma, and Brian on Conch Shell.
Black Girls–>with Brian on a tiny sax. I personally thought the
arrangement was uninspired, but I’m not really going to
Gone Daddy Gone
Add It Up.

Of course, after add it up, they left the stage, and then came back
for the encore…

Didgeriblues–> among the night’s best. I had never heard it live,
and damn it was good.
Kiss Off–>Fool In The Full Moon–>Kiss Off… this, i thought, was
great. I never really like fool in the full moon until that
moment, and I thought they did a spectacular job. I loved it.

After the show, I waited around back with a couple of kids from tufts.
The femmes came out, with fodie, but were not in a talking mood.
Gordon said thanks, and hopped in the minivan, and Brian stayed for
about a minute, talking about playing the didgeridoo, but that was it.
It was disappointing, because I wanted to talk for a bit, but what can
you do? They’d done their job, already.
So, hot damn, if you get a chance, I strongly recommend dropping
everything and running out to see them, if you can. they were tight as
ever, maybe tighter, and top damned notch.


RE: Who Decides?
<< I think it was Pat who answered someone else’s question about this
and said that it is BR who decides what they’re gonna play next. I
have ALWAYS wondered about this. I’ve watched so closely before but
have never figured out how they do it! >>

i do hear brian yell out songs before they play…and i read in an
interview that he picks out most of the songs…that is what i know


RE: Who Decides?
For everyone out there wondering how the Femmes decide what they are
going to play on any given night, it is Brian who calls off the songs
as they go. And the reason you may not notice is that sometimes he
does it in the middle of a song or he calls out the next 3 or 4 songs
at one time so the concert is not choppy. Glenn Gano tod me this and
I am sticking with him, he should know , after all he has preformed
with the Femmes and is the lead singer’s brother.

P.S. Amber if you are out there I need your address