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TOUR DATES (*=New Dates)
Violent Femmes 2003 Australian Tour

4/09/03 Sydney – The Metro **SOLD OUT**
4/10/03 Sydney – The Metro ** SOLD OUT**
4/11/03 Fremantle – Metropolis
4/12/03 Margaret River – Mainbreak Concert
4/15/03 Adelaide – Heaven
4/17/03 Melbourne – The Palace
4/18/03 Geelong – The Lyric
4/20/03 Byron Bay – East Coast Blues & Roots Festival
4/24/03 Canberra – ANU Refectory
4/25/03 Penrith Panthers – Evan Theatre
4/26/03 Newcastle Panthers – Club Nova
4/27/03 Wollongong NSW -Yallah Woolshed
4/29/03 Sydney – The Metro **SOLD OUT**
4/30/03 Sydney – The Metro **SOLD OUT**

*5/02/03 Christchurch NZ – The Civic
*5/03/03 Wellington NZ – The Parthenon
*5/04/03 Auckland NZ – St James Theatre
*5/07/03 Sydney – The Metro **Just Added**
*5/08/03 Sydney – The Metro **Just Added**
*5/09/03 Gosford NSW – Central Coast Leagues Club
*5/10/03 Hobart TAS – Hobart City Hall
*5/11/03 Launceston TAS – The Saloon Bar
*5/14/03 Richmond VIC – The Corner Hotel
*5/15/03 St Kilda West VIC – The Prince of Wales
*5/16/03 Gold Coast QLD – Trocadero
*5/17/03 Fortitude Valley AUS – The Arena
*5/18/03 Darwin NT – Discovery

Gordon Solo April 2003 – Hitting the Ground
*4/04/03 Sydney AUS – Metro Theatre (Roma Room)
*4/06/03 Melbourne AUS – Evelyn Hotel
*4/19/03 Byron Bay – East Coast Blues & Roots Festival

Well gang the Australian Tour is taking on mythic proportions! Check out all the new tour
dates – including dates in New Zealand and Tasmania! Also, Gordon will be doing a few
solo dates along the way in support of Hitting the Ground! And finally, to all of our friends in
OZ … a word to the wise … don’t miss next month’s issue of ROLLING STONE- Australia!


Ticket Info
Brian Ritchie… The Graduate
BBC Tracks
Fox Hunt
NZ Please
VF on the Air Waves
A question???


Ticket Info
tickets available from the following sources:
Fri 11th: Fremantle – Metropolis
Tickets from Mills, 78’s, Planet & Beat
ticket price: $38.00 + booking fee

Sat 12th: Margaret River Masters Weekend
“Mainbreak Concert”
Online from plus usual outlets
Gloucester Park Hockey Oval – off Walcliffe Rd
All Ages with 18+ areas 6pm-1am

Tue 15th: Adelaide – Heaven
Online from Venuetix:
or Venuetix phone bookings: (08) 8225 8888
ticket price: $38.50 + booking fee

Thu 18th: Melbourne – The Palace
Online from Ticketek:
or Ticketek phone bookings: 132 849
or from Gaslight Records – ph: (03) 9650 9009
ticket price: $40.00 + booking fee

Fri 19th: Geelong – The Lyric
from the venue direct – phone: (03) 5223 1414
CC Music – Geelong ph: (03) 5221 8466
The Greenroom – Ocean Grove ph: (03) 5256 2996
SSW Boarding Co – Waurn Ponds ph: (03) 5244 2930
Wooz Surf – Corio Village ph: (03) 5275 3988
ticket price: $33.00 + booking fee

Sun 20th: Byron Bay East Coast Blues & Roots Festival
or for phone bookings: (02) 6685 8310

Thu 24th: Canberra – ANU
Online from Ticketek:
or Ticketek phone bookings: (02) 6219 6666
also from: Landspeed, Impact Records and the ANU Bar
ticket price: $37.30 inclusive

Fri 25th: Penrith Panthers – Evan Theatre
or direct from the venue ph: (02) 4720 5555
ticket price: $36.50 inclusive

Sat 26th: Newcastle Panthers – Club Nova
Direct from the venue ph: (02) 4929 7555
The Rock Shop, Beaumont St Beat, all Soundworld Stores
ticket price: $36.00 inclusive

Sun 27th: Yallah Woolshed
or direct from the venue ph: (02) 4262 2655
ticket price: $38.50 inclusive
Fri 2nd: Christchurch – The Civic
Online: Ticketek
Ticketek outlets nationally – phone (09) 307 5000
ticket price: $45.00 + booking fee – $55.00 at the door
tickets on sale March 28th

Sat 3rd: Wellington – Parthenon
Online: Ticketek
Ticketek outlets nationally – phone (09) 307 5000
Real Groovy – Wellington ph: (04) 385 2020
ticket price: $45.00 + booking fee – $55.00 at the door
tickets on sale March 28th

Sun 4th: Auckland – St.James
Online: Ticketek
Ticketek outlets nationally – phone (09) 307 5000
Real Groovy – Auckland ph: (09) 302 3940
ticket price: $45.00 + booking fee (general admission)
$52.00 + booking fee (mezzanine level)
$50.00 + booking fee (grand circle level)
tickets on sale March 28th

Wed 7th / Thu 8th: Sydney – The Metro Theatre
or The Metro Box Office ph: (02) 9287 2000
Also Redeye ph: (02) 9299 4233 & Fish Records – Newtown
ticket price: $38.50 + booking fee

Fri 9th: Gosford – Central Coast Leagues Club
Tickets from the venue only ph: (02) 4325 9888
ticket price: $35.00 + booking fee

Sat 10th: Hobart – City Hall
Licensed concert with all-ages alcohol free area – ID required!
Ellison Hawker Newsagency – ph: 6234 4099
UNI Contact Centre – ph: 6226 2495
ticket price: $35.00 + booking fee

Sun 11th: Launceston – The Saloon
Licensed venue – ID required
The Saloon ph: 6331 7355 / CD Centre ph: 6334 5677
Red Hot CD’s (Devonport) ph: 6424 9816
Soundwaves (Burnie) ph: 6431 7855
ticket price: $35.00 + booking fee

Fri 4th: Sydney – Roma Room (Metro Theatre)
or Metro Box Office ph: (02) 9287 2000
ticket price: $20.00 + booking fee

Sun 6th Melbourne – Evelyn Hotel
Tickets from the Evelyn bottle shop or ph: (03) 9419 5500
ticket price: $20.00 + booking fee

Sat 19th: Byron Bay East Coast Blues & Roots Festival
or for phone bookings: (02) 6685 8310

Brian Ritchie … Big Music
Hello everyone,
In case you are wondering what the Femmes have been doing when
not performing as the Femmes, I wanted to tell you about the show I
saw last night. I went to the Tenri Cultural Institute in Manhattan for the
Brian Ritchie Shakuhachi teaching certification recital. The show started
with the showcasing of some of the very talented shakuhachi students from
the Dojo of James Nyoraku Schlefer. Five shakuhachi musicians with five
very different styles and degrees of expertise played selections to a very
attentive audience. Michael Valasco, the last to perform was my favorite.
He played some beautiful, melodic pieces that displayed his control and
proficiency. It was just beautiful. These were followed by an amazing
performance by Brian Ritchie on shakuhachi accompanied by a most
accomplished Koto player named Masayo Ishigure. The Koto is an
interesting, intricate instrument that looks like a cross between a huge
mandolin, played lying on the floor and a harp. The sound made by the
combination of the two instruments was really wonderful and resulted in
a standing ovation from the audience. This was followed by Brian playing
a song about Cranes and Brian’s teacher, James remarked that while he
was listening to a nature show on TV he thought he recognized the sound
of a shakuhachi. Brian’s shakuhachi really did mimic the calls of cranes. I
was thinking that the control and skill needed to coax such varied tones
out of that Japanese Flute was awe-inspiring. His performance was
brilliant and the audience once again gave him a standing ovation. The
culmination of the evening was the awarding of the Shakuhachi teaching
license to Brian by his teacher. Present in the audience was James’
shakuhachi teacher and one got the feeling that there was a “passing of
the torch” taking place. James talked about how he met Brian and came
to know and respect him as a musician and a person. He remarked on
the tremendous amount of work and dedication needed to come to this
point. Brian later remarked that the shakuhachi is probably one of the
few instruments that can’t be learned without a teacher. He said he was
very fortunate to have had James as his teacher. This from a self-taught
musician! James said that it was customary to give the newly licensed
teacher a name which reflected his character and personality. He said
that since Brian does everything in a big way he was giving him the name
Tairakue, which means Big Sound. The entire presentation was very
moving. For his final performance, Brian showed the versatility of the
shakuhachi by leading the Brian Ritchie Shakuhachi Club NYC Band
as they played two selections from the Shakuhachi Club NYC album,
which hopefully will be available soon. They played Brian’s composition,
Motherless Child and a really amazing arrangement of John Coltrane’s
Living Space. Shakuhachi Club NYC is comprised of Brian Ritchie on
shakuhachi, Billy Ficca (Television) on drums, John Kruth on mandolin
and Dan Nosheny on tuba. Also featured were Michael Valasco, who
earlier played shakuhachi, this time on various percussion instruments
and Bil Bowen on percussion box. The shakuhachi still had the haunting
ethereal sound to it but with the addition of drums, mandolin and tuba, It
really rocked. The audience would have loved a few more songs but the
evening was over. It was a night of real quality, moving music. So Brian
is now a shakuhachi teacher for all of you shakuhachi aspiring folks out
Be well, everyone,
BBC Tracks
I’m putting those Femmes song (as well as a few others
I have in RealAudio format) into MP3 right now. I’ll
tell you how to download them when they’re done.

Anyone else who wants the MP3s, feel free to mail me.


James Welborn

Fox Hunt

I am a HUGE fan! I started listening so long ago that I can’t remember
when I first heard them. I still, to this day, look for everything Femmes,
but when I was in college, my Freshman year in fact (so many years ago),
I think that it was this mailing list that said something about Fox Hunt. So
I went out and got the soundtrack…Its got a lot of cool songs on there but
LIfe is an Adventure is the best. Another one to check out is Step Right
Up the tribute to Tom Waitts. I don’t think you can get it anymore but if
you find it, it’s a must have!
NZ Please
femmes in aus? dam it why dont they hop over to nz?
arrgg! i hate it how bands only come here once, rave
about how they loved it and would love to come again,
but never do! it seems to have happened so many times.
Kelvin R.

VF on the Air Waves
Lots of shows in Australia. Looks like a good time to
be down under! Wish I could go! Anyway, I’ve heard the
“Color Me Once” riff a few times again in the last
couple weeks. It seems to be done a lot on “On Point”
(<>), which is produced here
in Boston, but available via NPR elsewhere. I’ve also
heard the Femmes on the Virgin wireless ads. I imagine
Virgin licensed the song. Anyone have an opinion about
that? A lot of people complained when other artists
“sold out” in that way. I think that if it makes the
Femmes money and doesn’t hurt anyone, more power to
’em. It’s not like they’ve ever been serious anti-
capitalists or anything. (Now, seeing Johnny Rotten’s
face on a slot machine in Vegas makes me sick, but that’s
another thing entirely.)
–James Welborn
A question???

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