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TOUR DATES (*=New Dates)
Violent Femmes 2003 Australian Tour

4/9/03 Sydney – The Metro **SOLD OUT**
4/10/03 Sydney – The Metro ** SOLD OUT**
*4/11/03 Fremantle – Metropolis
*4/12/03 Margaret River – Mainbreak Concert
4/15/03 Adelaide – Heaven
4/17/03 Melbourne – The Palace
4/18/03 Geelong – The Lyric
4/20/03 Byron Bay – East Coast Blues & Roots Festival
*4/24/03 Canberra – ANU
*4/25/03 Penrith Panthers – Evan Theatre
*4/26/03 Newcastle Panthers – Club Nova
*4/27/03 Yallah Woolshed
*4/29/03 Sydney – The Metro **Just Added**
*4/30/03 Sydney – The Metro **Just Added**

Tickets available from the following sources:
Wed 9th & Thu 10th: Sydney – Metro Theatre
Fri 11th: Fremantle – Metropolis
Tickets from Mills, 78’s, Planet & Beat
ticket price: $38.00 + booking fee

Sat 12th: Margaret River Masters Weekend
“Mainbreak Concert”
Online from plus usual outlets
Gloucester Park Hockey Oval – off Walcliffe Rd
All Ages with 18+ areas 6pm-1am

Tue 15th: Adelaide – Heaven
Online from Venuetix:
or Venuetix phone bookings: (08) 8225 8888
ticket price: $38.50 + booking fee

Thu 18th: Melbourne – The Palace
Online from Ticketek:
Ticketek phone bookings: 132 849
or from Gaslight Records – ph: (03) 9650 9009
ticket price: $40.00 + booking fee

Fri 19th: Geelong – The Lyric
from the venue direct – phone: (03) 5223 1414
CC Music – Geelong ph: (03) 5221 8466
The Greenroom – Ocean Grove ph: (03) 5256 2996
SSW Boarding Co – Waurn Ponds ph: (03) 5244 2930
Wooz Surf – Corio Village ph: (03) 5275 3988
ticket price: $33.00 + booking fee

Sun 20th: Byron Bay East Coast Blues & Roots Festival
or for phone bookings: (02) 6685 8310

Thu 24th: Canberra – ANU
Online from Ticketek:
or Ticketek phone bookings: (02) 6219 6666
also from: Landspeed, Impact Records and the ANU Bar
ticket price: $37.30 inclusive

Fri 25th: Penrith Panthers – Evan Theatre
or direct from the venue ph: (02) 4720 5555
ticket price: $36.50 inclusive

Sat 26th: Newcastle Panthers – Club Nova
Direct from the venue ph: (02) 4929 7555
The Rock Shop, Beaumont St Beat, all Soundworld Stores
ticket price: $36.00 inclusive

Sun 27th: Yallah Woolshed
or direct from the venue ph: (02) 4262 2655
ticket price: $38.50 inclusive

Tue 29th / Wed 30th: Sydney – The Metro Theatre
or The Metro Box Office ph: (02) 9287 2000
Also Redeye ph: (02) 9299 4233 & Fish Records – Newtown
ticket price: $38.50 + booking fee



Color Me Once on NPR
BITS vertising
Harrison Tribute Album
A VF fish story
VF in Sydney
Life is an adventure
VF in SC


BBC Tracks
Those BBC tracks are great! The performances
are marvelous. Thank you England! Does anyone
know how to convert these real audio files into
.mp3s so i can take them with me? 6 tracks of the
VF in session at the BBC:
Color Me Once on NPR
Just a quick note: I’ve noticed the opening of
“Color Me Once” (the Femmes’ contribution to “The Crow”
soundtrack — great song, great opening) play several
times as interstitial music on various NPR shows. Monday,
I think it was in All Things Considered. —
James Welborn
BITS vertising
“BLISTER IN THE SUN” is the latest music track for Mitsubushi
Australia. Car maker Mitsubishi, via Young & Rubicam
Adelaide, have used the Violent Femmes track “Blister In The Sun” as
the featured background music in the new ad campaign for the Mitsubishi
all wheel drive “Overlander”. Media includes TV, Radio, Cinema, in-flight,
dealer showrooms, tradeshows, telephone on hold and website. The
campaign will run for 12 months nationally commencing February 2003


Got My Mind Set on You

Has anyone heard the Femmes version of
“Got my mind set on you” I’d love to hear it.
I have not seen the song listed in any of the
promo material for tribute album. Also, I can’t
believe the Femmes were not asked to be part of
the Ramones tribute album. I would have loved to hear
them cover one of their tunes.

Sounds fishy to me
I found this quote from Gordon on the internet.
I thought it was amusing and figured I would share
it with everyone. I found it at
they also have a great interview with eddie izzard
if anybody knows who he is. ?It was a very unpleasant
experience, but not in the way you might think. It
was a very different unpleasant experience, because to
keep the fish from stinking and rotting they had been
frozen, and putting your arms down inside the fish was
like packing your arm solid with something that had
been frozen. And when your arm?s in a fish there?s no
place for it to move. And the fish were heavy. So it was
a feeling of having your whole arm cut off. It wasn?t
just slimy and stinky, it was, ?I?m having my arm cut
off!? It was very unpleasant. And also the teeth were
very sharp. And a little stub on one of the fish of
Victor?s arms pricked him in his arm and it became
infected. We have a theory that he got brain fever from
it and hasn?t been the same since.? ?Violent Femmes?
Gordon Gano on having to wear fish for the back cover
of The Blind Leading The Naked.

Please… please…please
Hey Pat n’ American Music – The Femmes are getting
tons of play on MTV right now. Sadly it isn’t for a
video, though. The song “Please Do Not Go” is being
used in a Virgin Mobile ad right now, which features
people in their underwear sneaking out of bedrooms
and has something to do with spring break. Not a
great ad. But every time I hear Gordon’s voice
(and one of their most playful songs) coming from
my tv, I get a big grin.
VF in Sydney
Okay, I just missed out on the first 2 shows in Sydney because I
didn’t know you were coming to town. Managed to get tix to the
added shows, but still totally bummed. Please put me on your
email list so this NEVER happens again. Thanks.
Life is an Adventure
Anybody ever seen a movie called Fox Hunt? Life is an adventure is in it!
I saw it yesterday on my college cable channel. I didn’t remember ever
hearing about it before.


VF in SC
I have been a HUGE Violent Femmes fan since I was 8 years old and heard my
older sisters playing your first album— the biggest shame is I’ve never seen VF
live! I live in the horrible state of South Carolina and I missed them when they
were in Myrtle Beach a few years ago. I was wondering if anyone knew if they would
be coming anywhere in the southeast in the not so distant future—I would gladly travel 5
hours to see them—so I hope I can soon!


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