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The Quote Of The Day:

I’m Nothing
I’m like a cloud
I’m free to be
Alone in a croud.
-From I’m Nothing
-Submitted by Jeffrey_Wilson

March 19- 8 p.m., Lupo’s, Providence, RI (O,T,P)
(Tickets from Lupo’s are $17.50 in advance, $20 at the door)
March 20- 8 p.m., McNeil Room, RPI Fieldhouse,
Renselaer Polytechnical Institute, Troy, NY, $15 (O,P,T)
(With Hybrasil; this is an 18+ show)
March 21- Picklebarrel, Killington, VT (P,O)
March 22- Chantilly’s, Manchester, NH (P,O)
March 24- 8 p.m., The Silo at Riveredge, Reading, $20 (T,O,P)
(This is a 21+ show)
March 26- Rodeo’s, Jackson, MS (P)
March 27- Ohio Northern Univ., Ada, OH (O,P)
March 30- Shrover Auditorium, Bozeman, MT (O)
March 31- MSU Ballroom, Missoula, MT (O)
April 1- Snow King Resort, Jackson Hole, WY (P)
April 2- Doubletree Ballroom, Boise, ID (O)
April 3- The Rock, Pocatello, ID (O)
April 4- 7 p.m., Mount Baker Theatre, Bellingham, WA (T,O)
April 6- 8 p.m., Emu Ballroom, U of Oregon, Eugene, OR (O)
April 9- 7 p.m., Univ. of Dayton Arena, Dayton, OH (P,T)
(W/George Clinton)
April 17- Shepherd’s College, Shepherdstown, WV (P)
April 21- 8 p.m., Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI (T)
April 23- Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA (P)
May 1- Harvard, Cambridge, MA (O)
May 4- Le Batacian, Paris, France (P)
May 5- Forum, London, England (P)
May 6- Student’s Festival, Lisbon, Portugal (P)
May 8- Oporto Festival, Oporto, Portugal (P)
May 10- E-Werk, Cologne, Germany (P)

Apr 20- Northern Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN (P)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Monterey Peninsula Artists.
Serious inquiries only.


Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Providence, RI
thenewkid (Drew)
potatoe482 (Em)
jepoole (John)

Manchester, NH
ViolntPhem (Melissa)

Reading, PA

Jackson, MS
mdixon (Mike)

Pocatello, ID

Ann Arbor, MI
alexa135 (Andrea)

Cambridge, MA
thenewkid (Drew)
potatoe482 (Em)


In Today’s Issue:

Ohio Northern Update
Guy Hoffman in Retrospect or Maybe He Isn’t Really an Idiot
RE: Kutztown
RE: Kutztown
My First Show!!!
RE: Pain and Disappointment
New Management?!?!
RE: Topic Starters
RE: Naked..Dreams
RE: Kissing..Naked..Etc.
RE: The Video Compilation!!!

Ohio Northern Update
Ohio Northern has finally given in! They have admitted that the Femmes
ARE playing for them, and that there are tickets for $22, $20, and $16.

I don’t see anything about this on the web page yet, and my friend-of-
a-friend at the college didn’t say anything about whether the tickets
were going on sale to students first. I’ve asked her, so if there are
going to be any comlications like that, then I will hopefully know

UPDATE: Tickets are sold to students first, but they can buy up to 4
tickets each…so I guess that means that everyone who’s going to the
concert should make some friends at Ohio Northern really soon… 😉


Guy Hoffman in Retrospect or Maybe He Isn’t Really an Idiot
Hello everyone,
After crying begging and pleading with everyone I knew to go to
Kutztown, it looked like I wasn’t going. But then like a ray of
sunshine from out of nowhere one of my good friends who I haven’t seen
in months popped up and agreed to go. Hooray!!!! So after making this
last minute plans we agree for him to pick me up a 4 at my house. Four
o’clock he calls me and tells me he will be there in twenty minutes.
4:20, is there ever a better time to leave for a Femmes show. So
anyway…after driving about an hour in the wrong direction we turn
around and head towards Kutztown. We go there late so we only saw the
last few songs of TMBG sets. So Keith and I get in side go to
bathroom and low and behold who is standing by the T-shirt stand but
Mr. Hoffman. I took me a couple minutes to decide whether I actually
wanted to go over and talk to him. (I’m sure some of you have figured
out how I feel about Mr. Hoffman from other posts.) So I figure what
the hell people say he’s not all that bad, so why not. In the mean
time he probably thought I was a fucking lunatic because I had only
walked by a dozen times. Once to go to the bathroom, one more time
to go to our seats, another time to check out the soda machine, and
then again cursing and swearing because I had to get something to drink
at the refreshment stand and you know what they usually charge ($1.25
for a bottle of water, can’t I just have cup and go to the damn
drinking fountain). So finally after running around I got over to the
merchandise stand and take a look at what’s there. I realized they
didn’t have the baby T-shirt and I wanted a new one because I got blood
on the last one. I turned to Guy and said
“Don’t you guys have those baby tee’s anymore?”
He said, “Why do you have a baby?”
I thought “OK if you want to be a smart ass I can be a smart
ass too!” I said “Not yet.” He starts laughing.
Then he starts asking me “So how many times have you seen the
band?” You must realize at this point he thought that I
didn’t know who he was. So I started naming off all the places of seen
the band play,
“UPJ, Cleveland, Milwaukee and I’m going to the show in Reading
at the Silo in two weeks.”
Guys said, “Milwaukee? When were you in Milwaukee?”
“I was there for the Halloween show.”
“The Femmes?”
“Yes, the Femmes”
“Where do you live?”
“I live near Pittsburgh.”
“Oh we just played there.” He was talking about the Femmes now
that I think about it, but at the time I thought he was talking about
“I was like oh yeah you were there with your ex-Bodeans
bandmates right?” At this he looked a little startled because
I don’t think he realized how many people new about it. And now that I
think about the way looked at the time, He probably thought I was one
of those 16 year old girls who owned Add It Up and thinks Gordon is
“Soooooo dreamy.” Yeah whatever honey. Anyway…
“Oh yeah you heard about that,” he said.
“Yeah, I was gonna go but I got sick. Although, I know someone
who went to that show and the Atlanta show and they both said
you guys were really good.”
“That’s a shame because we could have used another person
“Yeah, I saw on the Bodeans newsgroup that you guys like, only
had four people at one show.”
“Yeah, that was up in RI right before that big storm hit. So
not many people came out.”
“I work in bar so I know how those nights are.”
We talked about something else in between I forget exactly what.
“Like I said I had wanted to go to that Pittsburgh show but I
got sick and I had just heard about it the Friday before from
my friend Cindy who travels with one of bands that plays at our
bar. She’s been a Bodeans fan for 13 years.”
Anyway the conversation went on for a few minutes and he asked
me my name and told him my name was Kathryn and said,
“I know what your name is.”
“Well, a lot of people don’t.”
Then Carl (I think that’s his name the only person the crew
who’s name I really know is Ray.) came up and whispered something in
Guy’s ear. I took the opportunity to look around and there was Brian
looking rather shaggy I must admit. I wonder if he’s growing his hair
out. I hope not.

Anyway you are probably wondering why I’m relating this all to you.
It’s because I feel after having had this conversation with him I have
given him a totally bad rap. I honestly thought he was a completely
moronic male hormone with legs and a bald spot. He’s quite cool on the
contrary. As you can see he didn’t hit on me once didn’t say anything
too idiotic, there were moments he was teetering on the brink though.
Of course this might have had something to do with the fact that I have
only talked to him after they played and this was before. So maybe
playing does something to his brain…or maybe it’s something else
doing something to his brain, I don’t know really. I’m not doing a
180 on this mind you I’m just saying I may have been wrong. I’m not
sure yet. I must collect further data.

Anyhoo, on the show. It was a great show. I wasn’t on the floor this
time because we got there so late but it was a fantastic show. It
actually redeemed university shows in my eyes. All the guys seemed to
be in a really great mood. Brian was even giving everyone that weird
half smile/smirk thing he does when he seems to be amused. (I don’t
think I’ve ever seen him actually smile.) They didn’t play a lot of
new stuff just, “Don’t talk about my music” “Bad” and this thing that
I’m not sure was a parody of actual George Jones song or maybe more
like a “Do You Really want to Hurt me cover.” It was called “Don’t take
your cellphone to town” Gordon gave this big speech about how one of
his favorite singers George Jones got in a big auto accident because he
was talking on his cellphone while driving. I’m sure many of you who
have heard Gordon talk can hear him giving this speech in your head,
the way his voice starts out in a higher tone and kind of dwindles down
to a lower one which then draws out the last vowel of the last word
just a little. Half way through the song he forgot the words he had
written. He said something like, “I’ve forgot the words that I wrote
for this song. I’m sorry I’m trying really hard to put on a really
good show for you.” Oh and before I forget, Brian played the banjo on
this song. I’ve never seen Brian play the banjo before. I don’t know
about anyone else.

It was your typical university show mostly classics not a lot of new
stuff. Nothing was played from New Times or Rock that I can remember.
It was nice watching the show from up on the balcony and not down on
the floor. I really enjoyed watching the crowd during BITS. Everyone
was clapping and singing. It was really cool. It’s really different
to watch the band interact with the crowd when you aren’t in the front
row. Guy was actually high fiving a couple of the kids in the first
row at the end of the show. Which I’ve seen him do once before on a
bootleg video. It was really a nice show.

Well, I’ll be signing off. I’ll see some of you maybe at the Silo.


RE: Kutztown
<< The Femmes were great, they played some unexpected
songs, 3 off of Freak Magnet (Fat, Bad, Talkin’ ‘Bout My Music), and
they “premiered” a song Gordan had just written a few days ago about
George Jones. >>

silly….fat is on three not freak magnet.


RE: Kutztown
I’d like to clarify my set list for the kutztown show.
previously, i stated that they played “fat” as a “new” song. they did
play “fat” as on “VF 3”, but there was another song that i didn’t know
the name for w/ a word that sounded like “fat” used many many times,
so thats what i meant in case anyone was confused.


-Pat. Says: That song was probably Bad

My First Show!!!
Oh my gosh! On Friday i am going to my first show EVER! I
have always been out of town, or broke, or had deadbeat friends, but
THIS FRIDAY I am going to go see them! I met a girl named Tumor Girl
at my school who is aptly named actually because she has a giant tumor
in her head that is often mistaken by unknowing people for a bad
cowlick. This tumor makes her radically amusing. We enjoy her. One
night we got drunk. We had our clothes on at the time, because there
were lots of people around. That was a shame because we both enjoy
nakedness when under the influence. Anyways, seeing as how we were
unable to entertain ourselves in the buff, we were forced to talk,
(sigh) and in doing so we discovered that we both love the Femmes!
And you all know that us femmes fans are few and far between, and we
must stick together when and if we find each other.

So Tumor girl and I are going to go to Lupos this friday. We
are very excited. we are bringing non-believers that we are hoping
will convert and bloom into beautiful femmerflies. We are excited.
Alot. I bet they will make us wear clothes there though.
Ok, bye friends.


RE: Pain and Disappointment
<< .I’ve tried EVERYTHING!! Even trying to sneak backstage….but alak no avail. >>

my advice: go to the back of the club where there will be this big
silver bus. stay there for a little bit with the other people and youre
bound to see them. guy’s pretty talkative. and dont ask gordon for
his comb though. if you really want it, it will be sticking out of his
back pocket…


New Management?!?!
>>FYI, the Femmes are now being
managed by The Hornblow Group, who also manages They Might Be Giants.<<
posted to Never Tell – the VF message board by TDK

A quick look at the MSO webpage does NOT show the Femmes listed in
their artist catalog anymore!!! Yippeeeeeee!!!! New management!
European Tour Dates! Things are looking up ….


RE: Topic Starters
<< Topic starters:
What is your favorite femmes song?
mine is gimme the car, because it’s crude and hilarious, and very
What is your favorite Femmes album?
(i haven’t heard all of the albums, so i don’t have one)
What is your funniest memory of a femmes concert? >>

My favorite song…hmmm….there’s so many too pick from…i don’t
think I could narrow it down to just one….I love Gimme the Car too
….Out the Window….I absolutely LOVE Heartache from The Blind
Leading the Naked……Blister of Course…Add It UP…..American
Music without a doubt…..I love Breakin’ Hearts too…..That is too
hard of a question:P

My favorite album,…Why Do Birds Sing probably….what a great album
….Used to Be is such an awesome song…


RE: Naked..Dreams

Ive never seen the Femmes in the minus panty mode, but have pranced
around the house in the buff listening to the Femmes. I’m kind of
guessing at least half of the people on the list have done the nasty to
the Femmes. Makes for a wonderful, upbeat experience.

In the dream/wish matter, I think I would have to travel the world on
tour with them in the buff, as long as I can bring my GQ/Calvin Klein
underwear model boytoys along with me. I might have to get them to
visit Richard Simmons first-maybe good ol Rich could make a Sweatin to
the Femmes video.


RE: Kissing..Naked..Etc.
Hello Friends–
This is my first time writing to A.M. and this may be a bit long
….so I’m gonna apologize now.

<<1st up–in response to “Good Feeling”–Gordon the amazing kisser.
Personally I imagine that a bad kiss from Gordon would have to
be amazing. But, a kiss from Gordon before, in the middle of or after
“Good Feeling” is more like “O.K., I can die now” Ya know what I mean?
So, I guess it’s obvious that I’d pick Gordon over Guy. Still, I do
agree that Guy is sexy. However, Gordon is BEAUTIFUL!!! Also, I would
love for the femmes to bring me and the guy of my dreams together. So,
that story was really cool, I envy you. But, in all honesty, if I
thought that Fred Flinstone singing “Amazing Grace” would attract the
man of my dreams, I’d have Fred blasting from my C.D. player, (and me)
happily singing along.Whatever works.