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The Quote Of The Day:

‘Cause if you got truly fat, fat, fat
you just might want to see me come back.
-From Fat


March 11- 8 p.m., Kutztown Univ., Kutztown, PA, $22 (O)

Remember, I’m only posting the full listing of dates on Mondays, so I
hope you saved that issue.


Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Kutztown, PA
hudsonm (Matt)

Providence, RI
thenewkid (Drew)
potatoe482 (Em)
jepoole (John)

Manchester, NH
ViolntPhem (Melissa)

Jackson, MS
mdixon (Mike)

Ann Arbor, MI
alexa135 (Andrea)

Cambridge, MA
thenewkid (Drew)
potatoe482 (Em)


In Today’s Issue:

Lupos Directions
Boise Info
Cologne Info Needed
Femmes Dream
Femmes Dream
Femmes Dream
The Return of Extatika
Bogus Headline of the Day

Lupos Directions
please put me on the list for people going to the providence show.
i am also looking for directions to lupo’s.

john poole

-Pat. Says: Lupo’ has their own webpage, and anyone needing directions
can find them at

Boise Info
For your information….
I guess I’m answering my own question that was posted in the last V.F
newsletter…I called Select A Seat and tickets sales for the April 2nd
show in Boise, Idaho begin at 10 a.m on Friday, the 12th. Thats this
I am definitely going to ditch school for this…

Thanks again,

Cologne Info Needed
> Hello once again!!
>Do you know, where the tickets are to buy??
>Cologne is not so far for me, I think I will go there in May!!
>Great thanks from Germany
> Tina


-Pat. Says: This was a personal letter, but to those of you who want
to go to the Cologne show, here’s some info on E-Werk:
Address: 51063 Mulheim
Schanzenstr. 37
Phone: 0221-962790

<< Does anybody else compose their posts to amusic while naked?>>

ewwww no not nakee people


Femmes Dream
I’m going to have to go with traveling with them for a year… but
only, i think, if i knew that every night their show was going to be at
least a little bit different — that in the course of the year they’d
sneak in every song at least once, or something.
On a somewhat related note, i found out today that i have mono…. and
this is at the same time i have tickets for my other favorite band
Friday night in a town about an hour away from where i live. does
anyone have any ideas about how i can convince my mom to let me go? i
am not going to miss this concert.


Femmes Dream
all these are very nice selections….i’d have to go with playing kazoo
with them on black girls..i’d have to have a boot of the show
though…..kazoo showdown with little boy brian…..i also wish that i
was a little bit fatter…a bit…a byte…a blaaaaaa


Femmes Dream
I once described a Vilolent Femmes concert as a catharsis. I was up
dancing and singing for 2 hours!

I’ll go ahead and answer your question from 3/5.
I also would love to travel around with the Femmes. Would we get to
travel on the bus? Could I share a bunk with Gordon? I wouldn’t mind
getting to know him better.


The Return of Extatika
The album hasn’t been released yet, has it? Sorry, but I’ve been gone
for awhile, and I mean I HAVE a copy of the album, but I was just
wondering if the cd is out yet. I just got a cd writer, and I want to
make a mix cd, but there are a couple songs off the new cd that I’d
like to include on that mix cd. I just figured I’d ask and cross my
fingers and click my heels that maybe it had come out.

I’m kinda pissed off. I think it’s pretty lame that I live in
Wisconsin, where the Femmes are FROM and they don’t even have the
decency to do a show here in the near future. I mean they’re going to
Germany, I study German and they truly appreciate David Hasslehof in
Germany. I think that Wisconsin deserves a show a little bit more
than Germany does. I mean, come one, they listen to David Hasslehof
on PURPOSE in Germany, give me a break, I want a concert here.

So I was looking at the back issues, which Pat kindly sent to me so
I’d have a clue as to what the current topics are on this mailing, and
I’ve decided that my wish (not dream, a dream is in your sleep, a wish
is while you’re awake) would be to have a VIP pass to a concert at
Summerfest (not in the Marcus, I don’t like when there are seats other
than bleachers at concerts anymore) and to be able to spend the entire
day just kicking back and hanging out with the Femmes. I think that’d
be pretty cool. They seem like pretty fun guys, and I’m sure they’d
make me laugh, so I think that I should probably spend a day with them.
I’m a pretty funny and wild girl, I bet they’d like to spend a day
with me. I know Brian’s nephew, maybe I should get him to hook me up
with that; I don’t see that happening very likely, but y’know? I can
have wishes.

I think that the new album should add “Reggie’s Right” to the play
list, that’s a quality song, and I think it could take the place of a
song that’s lacking in appeal. When it comes to the album, which I
was listening to at work a couple weeks ago, I’ve decided that I’m kind
of divided. (Btw- don’t ask me to send you a copy of the album,
because I probably won’t. Not to be rude or anything, but I’m 16 and
I’m lazy, I’m not going to take the time to copy the tape and spend
the money to mail it. I work once a week for $25 a night, I need my
money to go to concerts and to make sure I like my clothes. I know that
sounds really selfish and stuff, but I’m 16, and I think you’d probably
rather that I’m honest.) I think that some songs are totally kickin’,
but I think some of the songs are lacking. I don’t really like “A
Story” or something like that. I think it’s too long, and that it kind
of gets dragging after awhile. Don’t get me wrong, I mean I love the
Femmes, but I’m honest and Iam able to admit that I don’t like all of
their stuff.

I think that maybe the list needs a new topic, something really saucy
or something, to lighten things up. Maybe we need a troublemaker or
something to shake things up a little and get things rolling.
Conversation seems to be forced, and topics seem like they’re reaching
for anything that can possibly be considered Femmes related.

As for the “Naked” people, now that’s saucy, that’s something that
could turn into something really funny. We should talk about that more.
not a lot of people just walk around naked or something, and even fewer
people admit it. i think Nakedness has gotten a bad wrap. I think
nakedness it a good thing, and that everyone should be naked sometimes,
besides when they’re in the shower. Maybe not naked necessarily,
because some people have issues with that, but what about in your
underwear? Come on!!! My friend Jane and I are going around driving on
Friday night in our underwear and some shirts. We figure it will make
the night more exciting. I think the Femmes would find some good old
fashioned nakedness and underoo wearing kinda cool. Or maybe going
commando for a day, what if everyone tried that? I think I’m gonna do
that when I go see RENT this weekend, go commando style, And I’ll get
Jane to do it too. It’ll be some good old fashioned fun.

Topic starters:

What is your favorite femmes song?
mine is gimme the car, because it’s crude and hilarious, and very
What is your favorite Femmes album?
(i haven’t heard all of the albums, so i don’t have one)
What is your funniest memory of a femmes concert?
(mine is the time that i thought I was going to die in a tornado at
chocolate fest and then i started dating a guy who pretended he was
really into the femmes but i’m pretty sure he wasn’t, because he
couldn’t name any songs except for stuff on the radio)
Have you ever not worn underwear to a femmes concert?
(not yet, maybe this summer, IF THEY PLAY A CONCERT HERE!!!! they’d
better, because I WILL get ahold of a phone number and let them know
what I think of them)

Okay, well this ends my novel for this issue, thank you, and have a
nice day.


p.s.- this will probably never happen again, so don’t worry about
having to read my ranting and raving often, my comments will usually be
about a paragraph or so, when I send in. I’ve been gone for awhile, so
I felt a need to let everyone know everything that came to mind.

p.p.s.- i’m really a very nice girl, and i’m not obsessed with nudity,
i just think it’s not something that’s shameful.



-Pat. Says: It’s good to have you back. But one thing: I’ve been on
this list since Neil started it oh so many years ago, and
in all this time, I can’t think of a single instance when
they played in Germany. Sure, a couple of years ago they
played one day in England and another in Portugal, but
other than that they’ve been here in the US and Canada,
including many dates in Wisconsin. Let’s learn to share.

Bogus Headline of the Day
The following story is FALSE. It is a figment of the imagination of


(AP) In his weekly press update Tuesday, Christian leader Rev. Jerry
Falafel talked tough about Tinky Winky and warned parents of another
dangerous influence on their children – the Violent Femmes. Rev.
Falafel said that the recent media attention surrounding Dennis
Rodman’s announcement of his decision to leave Basketball and join the
band had alerted him to situation. Falafel said he took several
minutes from his daily routine of searching out internet pornography
to confirm that the band did in fact have a website on the internet
and such website was created with a Macintosh computer just as he’d
suspected. “I am convinced that the computer used was not just any
Macintosh computer but one of the new iMac computers; and, as we are
all aware, the new iMacs do come in purple.” Rev. Falafel also said
his analysis of the effect this would have on the youth of America was
further complicated by the related announcement from former drummer
Victor Delorenzo that he, not Rodman, would soon be the fourth member
of the band. “It was obvious to me from Mr. Delorenzo’s comment that,
“one man could never have enough hammers” that he suffered from severe
dementia most likely brought on by the years he spent with his own band
that consisted only of drummers. Thankfully Rev. Falafel has made
sense of this senseless situation. He ended the address by saying,
“Having never met these Femmes, I can only assume this trio of women
have some kind of Indigo Girl complex. They are probably attempting to
reach our children with their dangerous message of purple computers and
ex-Basketball stars whose wives promote … Bud, Bud Light, and
O’Doul’s … right now. To them I say I will not stop! I will never
rest as long as I carry the torch for the safety and enlightenment of
America’s children!”