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Mar. 4- Bohagers, Baltimore, MD, $20 (O,P)
Mar. 5- 9 p.m. Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA (O,P)
Mar. 6- Nightclub 9:30, Washington, DC, $20 (O,P)
Apr. 2- Brandeis Universtiy, Waltham, MA (O) TENTATIVE
Apr. 4- Mt. Union College, Alliance, OH (P,O)
Apr. 5- 7.30 p.m. Elco Theatre, Elkhart, IN (T,O)
Apr. 6- 9 p.m. World Mardi Gras, Indianapolis, IN (T,O) 21+ SHOW
Apr. 7- Knight’s Hall, Bellarmine College, Louisville, KY, ~$17.50 (P,O)
Apr. 18- Winona State University, Winona, MN (P,O)
Apr. 19- Fargo Civic Auditorium, Fargo, ND (O) TENTATIVE
Apr. 21- Madison Theatre, Peoria, IL (O) TENTATIVE
Apr. 22- To Be Determined, Cincinnati, OH (O) TENTATIVE
Apr. 23- To Be Determined, Asheville, NC (O) TENTATIVE
Apr. 24- Center CityFest ’98, Charlotte, NC (O) TENTATIVE
May 3- 99X Stage@Music Midtown, Atlanta, GA (O) TENTATIVE
May 15- Chocolate Fest, Burlington, WI
Official Homepage lists this show as TENTATIVE

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Eugene Chadbourne At Fredericksburg
RE: Glenn Gano
Alliance Info
Extra DC Ticket
RE: Glenn Gano
VF On Modern Rock Live
RE: Freak Magnet
Lots of Stuff

Eugene Chadbourne At Fredericksburg
I just got an email from MWC – Dr. Eugene is opening for the Femmes
tomorrow night!! (and Corey Harris??) Electric Rake – YEAH!!


-Pat. Says: Deanna is talking about the Fredericksburg show, but he’s
also playing in DC this Friday.

RE: Glenn Gano
About six months or so ago, I emailed Glenn and asked him about his
album. Basically, we talked back and forth via email, and I told him
that I was only ordering his album because Gordon and Brian made
appearances on it. He said “I understand, just tell me what you think
about it.”

Man, do I feel like an asshole.

I should never have doubted a Gano’s singing or songwriting talents.
Unfinished is definitely very “folky” in lyrics and style. Further,
although Glenn shares an extremely similar singing voice to Gordon
(maybe, just a notch lower in pitch or tone — I can’t remember which
is which), Glenn creates a style which is truly unique and his own. One
of my favorites : Working With An Idiot is, I believe, the only song on
the album which uses Gordon as back-up vocals. However, he’s so “back-up”
that Glenn could really have sung the song alone. . . but then, maybe
the irony of Working With An Idiot wouldn’t have been so blatant…
Regardless, I would recommend any self-respecting VF fan to pick up
Unfinished. Definitely don’t discount Glenn just because his brother
is famous. I think I ordered the cd for like $12 including shipping. It
arrived in like two days, with a short personal “thank you” from Glenn.
I’d like to discuss Unfinished in more detail after you’ve given it a
couple trial runs. “Folksinger” is probably one of my favorites on the

john #3

Alliance Info
I found info on the show in Alliance. Tickets for students with ID are 5
dollars and go on sale March 16. General admission is 10 dollars and go
on sale March 23. They said you can buy them at the school or at the
door the day of the show. It didn’t say anything about an age limit and
parking is free.

Extra DC Ticket
I have an extra ticket for the femmes on this friday the 6th at the 930
club in DC. does anyone want it? not for free though (20 bucks)
because it isn’t me getting rid of it. please email me and tell me if
you want it. We could meet outside of the 930 club…yada yada yada


RE: Glenn Gano
Glenn sent this to me…it may have interest to someone???

“Things are going pretty good here. Got to see Gordon when the Femmes
came to Anchorage for a concert last month. He had a pre-release
version of their new record “Freak Magnet” and it really rocks!”


VF On Modern Rock Live
Okay I was listening to Modern Rock live last night (for those of you
that dont know, its a nation radio show on at 930 CST where they
interview bands, take phone calls, play CD cuts, and have bands play
live) Well anyway, the guy was going through the whole list of bands
they were gonna have in the next few weeks and one of the was THE
VIOLENT FEMMES but they didn’t say when theyre gonna be on!!! So does
anybody know when, id love to hear them, we could get everyone on the
list to call in with cool questions…

“i am at your culinary disposal”

RE: Freak Magnet
hi, i haven’t written in a while, but i felt compelled to do so after
reading the letter regarding the release of Freak Magnet on May 19th.
I was so exicted to hear that my favorite band’s new record was coming
out on my birthday!! but i am kind of disappointed that it is so far
away. what ever happened to the st. patty’s day release date? that
would have been cooler. oh well, absence makes the femmes lover grow
and i was wondering, where exactly would the title ‘Freak Magnet’ come
from? it seems slightly off track from their other titles, ‘hallowed
ground’ to ‘freak magnet’ they don’t seem to be on the same level to me.
just a thought…

-Pat. Says: I wouldn’t be surprised if the blame for the delay in
release rests solely on the shoulders of Interscope Records.
The VF rarely gets the respect they so richly deserve from
record companies. I hope Interscope treats them right.

Lots of Stuff
Ok, this is Beky, and I haven’t written in for like months so i decided
that you guys wanted to hear from me. I have a couple of things to say.
First off, I’m really really happy that the femmes FINALLY have another
concert in milwaukee coming up. okay, so it’s not in milwaukee, but it’s
really close. I’m just hoping it won’t be dumb like the last concert I
went to in Burlington (it was a Gufs and Pet Engine and some other band
concert and it was in a highschool gym, and it just wasn’t all that fun,
indoor concerts should be held at Raves), which I’m sure it will be,
because I don’t think the Femmes would let a concert be dull. Secondly,
um I don’t know if Rob wrote in about this before, because I
accidentally (it was seriously an accident, i always read these) deleted
the last issue along with my junk mail. But um, Juliana Hatfielld has
a song called “My Sister” on her -Become What You Are- cd, and it
mentions the Femmes in it. Just in case anyone wanted to know that.
Watch like all of you know that and you’re sitting infront of your
computers saying “what a retard, she needs to shut the fuck up. kill
her! she’s dumb” ok, paranoia much? I’m gonna stop with that. OK well
anyways, you have to listen for it, and it comes towards the end of the
song. All right, onto another topic. Well, you know how we were kinda
talking about people covering other people’s songs? (shut up, we were
dammit. we were talking about how puff daddy covers other people’s
songs.) OK, well I was thinking and I think it would be really really
cool if Reel Big Fish would do a cover of either Prove my love, or I
held her in my arms…. just a thought. I love Reel Big Fish, so I’m
kinda partial to them doing a cover of a femmes song. Whereas you guys
RIGHT NOW! YOU SUCK!” because you don’t like Reel Big Fish. Whatever.
Hehehehe I’m rambling. Wow, I’m writing a lot. Hmmm… Oh yea, I have
something else to talk about (this may be the last thing i have to talk
about for this message, but don’t get your little party hats on yet,
ok? because I’m not quite sure)
Where is Wes? He never writes in anymore… that was like my favorite
part of the newsletter besides the Concert info. Did Wes die? I think
Wes wants to write a message for the news letter, because I think Wes
is funny. Tell Wes to come back! okay, well that about wraps up all I
have to say.

p.s.- What’s the point of the classifieds? I don’t like them, they
bother me…. (don’t take things bothering me too seriously, a lot of
things bother me)

p.p.s.- i don’t think we should’ve DRAMATICALLY changed the newsletter.
I think it was better before when there weren’t like a bazillion little
things to read before the shit you actually got the newsletter for and
even though you don’t want to read them you have to because you don’t
want to miss something.
und das ist wirklich alles. tschuss!

Pat. Says: Whew! OK, Beky, I already wrote you about Wes Torres, but
in case anyone else is wondering, the smooch smooch guy
unsubbed this past summer. The poop. No, he’s really busy
now, and doesn’t have the time he used to when he was in
high school. He’s doing fine, and he’s just as whacked as
ever. But I think Kyle has done a fine job of filling his
slot on this letter. Write more often, Kyle.
Classifieds; hmm..yes, they have gotten large. Someday, I’ll
make up a web page and put em there. In the meantime, if
anyone does NOT want to get classifieds anymore, write me and
I’ll take you off the classifieds list. I’ll put you down for
being off that, Beky.
Now, I did not dramatically change the newsletter. The only
feature on each issue that was not there when I took over is
the Who/Where. I added a couple of things to the Web Section,
but that’s it. I will not get rid of Who/Where. Lots of
people sign up for it and I’ve had fun meeting people that
way myself. There seems to be lots to wade through because
oh happy world there are LOTS of TOUR DATES!! And Lots of
people who are going to shows who want to meet people on the
OH, and I had to change the spelling of tschuss. I can’t send
it out as it was without it double spacing the letter.