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The Quote Of The Day:

Why, why, why would I lie to you,
Why would I lie why would I lie.
-From Ugly
-Submitted by thehappycyclops


March 11- 8 p.m., Kutztown Univ., Kutztown, PA, $22
March 19- 8 p.m., Lupo’s, Providence, RI (O,T)
(Tickets from Lupo’s are $17.50 in advance, $20 at the door)
March 20- Renselaer Polytechnical Institute, Troy, NY (O,P)
March 27- Ohio Northern Univ., Ada, OH (O,P)
April 9- 7 p.m., Univ. of Dayton Arena, Dayton, OH (P,T)
(W/George Clinton)
(on sale online @Ticketmaster Feb 24)

**April 21- 8 p.m., Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI (T)**
(online onsale @ Ticketmaster Feb 26)

April 23- Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA (P)
May 1- Harvard, Cambridge, MA (O)

**Feb 23- 8 p.m., Met Cafe, Providence, RI (P,T)**
**Feb 24- 9 p.m., Lansdowne Street Music Hall, Boston, MA (P,T)**
($8, 21+, need ID)
**Feb 26- Trax, Charlottesville, VA (P)**
**Feb 27- Jewish Mother, Virginia Beach, VA (P)**
**Feb 28- Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC (P)**
**Mar 1- Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA (P)**
**Mar 2- Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA (P)**
**Mar 3- Nick, Birmingham, AL (P)**
**Apr 20- Northern Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN (P)**

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

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Serious inquiries only.




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In Today’s Issue:

RE: Kutztown
RE: Ohio Northern
Harvard…Cover Band
RE: Songs, Songs, Songs
RE: Gordon Solo Album
My Homepage and a Pregnant Brian
Used to Be

RE: Kutztown
Any songs I’ve missed?

There’s one they do on New Year’s Eve, with a line in it something
like “I’ll Have A Happy New Year Without You” or like that. And when
I saw them on Valentine’s day in 1992, they did a macabre tongue-in-
cheek Valentine’s day song (which Gordon intro’d by saying “I just
wrote this today.”) with a verse like “You wouldn’t be my valentine/
Now I will end this life of mine.”

>but what other covers have they done?

They did a cover of “My Way” at the Drexel show in Philly this past
May. It was shortly after Sinatra had died — might have been the
same week.

>Anyone know any other songs that were around several
>years or so before being found on an album?

They were playing “Color Me Once” and “Breakin’ Up” long before they
appeared on the Crow Soundtrack and “New Times” respectively.


RE: Gordon Solo Album
This is what Gordon told me about Hitting The Ground after the
Milwaukee show last Halloween…

They decided not to release the movie into theaters,
but I heard that they will release it on video in the next few months.
I’m not exactly sure when. Now the soundtrack, which I happen to
think is the best part of the movie, is going to be released. At least
that’s what they tell me. I’ve already been paid for it, so I imagine
they’ll release it. I’ve been told it will be out early next year, on
Mercury Records.

So *my* guess is this album is the soundtrack…


My Homepage and a Pregnant Brian
Hey everyone,
I’ve moved my website. I was running out of space at AOL so
I’ve moved the whole operation to Geocities. I’m in the process of
redesigning the whole page with out frames so the site that you will
see there isn’t going to be there much longer. I also got a new
scanner so I will be adding more pictures soon. Including
my autographed copy of Rock!!!!! The address is
(long and annoying isn’t it.)
In sort of but not really non related Femmes news, Absinthe played in
Pittsburgh last night. I’ve been sick so I didn’t go but I know
someone who did.
Wow this sucks there’s nothing to talk about. I can’t think of
anything. Well, I can think of things but they are all totally
ridiculous. (I thought about starting a conversation on whether or not
Brian looks pregnant in the new promo on the first page of the Official
homepage. Or maybe something about how Gordon doesn’t look like a
twelve year old with facial hair anymore. I actually like the way he
looks now more then before. Minus the pastey complexion and the big
bags under his eyes of course.) I swear when they come off of this
touring break there better be something about Freak Magnet coming on
out VERY soon. This getting rather boring. I have the attention span of
a two year old and my promo isn’t interesting to me anymore. (Sorry to
all those who don’t have a copy and no you can’t have it.) I wish they
could put out an album every year rather than every 3 or 4. Like
Jethro Tull, they’ve been together since 1968 (well Ian Anderson has
been in Jethro Tull since 1968 the rest of them just come and go.) and
they’ve put out 30 albums and another one coming out this year. Plus
Ian has a new solo effort coming out. (For any other tull officionatos
there is an official tull homepage now at totally
run by the band.) Of course I think they’ve been on the same label
longer then most people on this list have been alive.
Uggghhhhhh, it’s so fustrating. The Femmes is the only band I’m really
into. And blows that out of 15 years together (most of the time) there
is only 8 official releases to date. I know some people are going to
say “It’s better to have 8 good albums then 20 crappy ones.” Bullshit.
Just because you are doing more albums in a time span doesn’t make them
crappy. They recorded Rock!!!!! in a week and that turned out pretty
good.Blahh…. I thinks it’s time for a Violent Femmes box set. We can
call it “Your Label Sucks! Celebrating 15 years of getting fucked like
a two dollar whore by the music industry and it’s critics.” Gordon can
right the liner notes and go off about the whole subject.
All right that’s it i’m done bitching.


Used to Be
I saw something on the Internet about an album released in ’92 titled
Used to Be. Anyone know what this is?


-Pat. Says: I have Used to Be. It only has 4 songs: Used to Be,
Dance, Motherfucker, Dance, Promise, and To the Kill (the
last 2 are live) It was put out by Liberation Records.