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Feb. 27-First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (T,O,P)
Feb. 28-8 p.m. DECC, Duluth, MN (O,P,T)
Mar. 1-Wayne State College, Wayne, NE (O)

**Mar. 3-8 p.m. The Great Hall, Woodard Campus Center,
Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, VA, $8, $16 **

Mar. 4-Bohagers, Baltimore, MD, $20 (O,P)
Mar. 5-9 p.m. Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA (O)
Mar. 6-Nightclub 9:30, Washington, DC, $20 (O,P)
Mar. 27 or 28-N. Michigan U., Marquette, MI (O) TENTATIVE

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Tour Date Updates
RE: New Acquisitions
Homework Help Revisited
Come to Australia
Dancing Baby

Tour Date Updates
Well, it’s sortof pointless to tell you about this other concert date,
but I will anyway. OK, the Femmes will be playing at Mary Washington
College in Fredericksburg (home sweet home) on March um… 3rd 4th or
5th, I’m not sure when. My boyfriend goes there and tried to get tickets
since he knows my obsession but they were sold out within an hour of
ticket sales opening… So the info I have to give you is vague and
mostly pointless since the show is sold out already, but I figured what
the hey? Take care!!


Pat. Says:

Look closely and you’ll see a couple of changes in the tourdates
schedule. First off, you NC subscribers will be saddened to learn that
the Marzz show is not going to happen. Instead, the Violent Femmes will
be playing at Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, VA. Special
thanks to and for letting me
know about this show. It has been confirmed by Giant Productions at MWC.
Tickets cost $8 for students and $16 for non students. You must be 18+,
and they will be checking ID. Apparently tix are sold out on campus, but
there are still some available at The Blue Dog CD’s and Tapes on
Caroline St. Better hurry. Unsold tickets (if any) will be available at
the door the evening of the show. I’d like to add that the people at
Mary Washington were the most helpful people I’ve encountered in a long
long time, they told me just where I could find everything I needed to
know, and within four hours of starting my quest, too. For all the
details check out Giant Productions web page at: under the events calender.

Next, I’ve confirmed the Washington and Lee show via that University’s
homepage. I could not find an email address to find out more, but any
of you who are interested can call the SAB at 540-463-4061 or -4062
for specifics. I’ll surf all day for you, but I won’t make long distance
phone calls.

RE: New Acquisitions
Hi all! Long time no post! Sorry! Pat inspired me to write after I read
that she too found BR’s albums for sale recently. I found most of the
same things (and a few more) for sale at No
CD’s were available but vinyl and tapes galore at DIRT cheap prices.
Here’s what I bought:
BR Atomkrieg EP (vinyl) $.99 **Testes Noires (produced by
BR Nuclear War EP (vinyl) $.99 BR & Vic) Clay Foot Gods LP
BR Sonic Temple LP (vinyl) $1.99 $2.99 (most expensive one)
BR The Blend LP (vinyl) $1.99 are they NUTS?!?
BR Sonic Temple cassettte $.99
BR Sun Ra SST cassette $.99
BR The Blend cassette $.99

There’s only one hitch-the minimum order is $20 bux! So I splurged and
bought a couple of Chadbourne’s and a Verlaine. I’ve been intrigued by
the good Dr. since my ‘electric rake’ experience in Charlotte and you
can’t go wrong with TV. I emailed my order in on Jan 15th and it
shipped the next day. If you’re not up for web shopping I will trade
copies of any or all of the above for boots etc. Just e-mail me.
Normally I’m not very reliable when it comes to timeframes but I’m
dying to discuss all this newfound music with someone so chances are
good I won’t procrastinate!

** I don’t remember who it was that was looking for VF posters but I
came across an old one on the net the other day. It looked to me as if
it were from the 3 photo shoot but the poster was entitled LIVE. I
bookmarked it at work. If you’re interested email @
and I’ll give you the address!


Homework Help Revisited
I need some homework help. I go to a Jesuit college, and I have to take
about a million religion classes. In my Reading the New Testament class
we have to write a research paper on a verse in one of the Gospels. I
want to relate it to a Violent Femmes song. Maybe Jesus Walking on the
Water or something. What I need is the exact bible verse relating to the

Thanks ahead of time,

Sandi Barr

“In the dime stores and bus stations,
People talk of situations,
Read books, repeat quotations,
Draw conclusions on the wall.”

-Pat. Says: Well, the NT is not my forte, but there are about three
references to Jesus walking on water. The one I thought most
relevent was Matthew 14:22-33, because he pulled Peter up
out of the water. If you don’t like that one, you might want
to try to get ahold of the lyrics to Bad or Rejoice. I have
a boot of Bad, hard to figure out all the words, but
someone a few months ago said it was from I Corinthians.
And Rejoice is from the NT, too. Any other NT references?
Too bad Hosea won’t count.
Hey, speaking of Hosea, I have the Nevi’im put out by JPS,
and the translation is quite different from Gordon’s. I also
have the New Standard American, and it’s different too. Does
anyone know which translation Gordon used, did he translate
himself from Hebrew, Latin, or Greek, or did he paraphrase?

where can I get lyrics to some of the femmes’ songs?

-Pat. Says: Go to the Official Homepage, to the lyrics link. There are
a few minor errors, but not too many. What the hell is
drewery anyway? Also, all but Hallowed Ground, Add it Up,
and ROCK include the lyrics.

Come to Australia
Hi, Shaune from Australia here!
Are the Femmes planning another tour downunder in the near future?
I saw them last at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney in 1994(?). Mind you I
felt really, really old.
I have been an avid listener of the Femmes since 1983. I was 20 then –
work it out!
Any info re tour of aus appreciated.


-Pat. Says: The Official Homepage says they should be on a world tour
once the album is released. They seem to like your part of
the world. Count on seeing them.

Dancing Baby

Check out this link for the Dancing Baby doing Blister in the Sun: