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The Quote Of The Day:

I know this summer will be the best if I don’t die from lack of rest!!
-From 36-24-36
-Submitted by slim


**Feb 18- 7:30 p.m., Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA **
Whad’Ya Know Show. Unconfirmed, probably sold out
Feb 20- 8 p.m., Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA, $21 (P)
doors open at 7, 16+ show. Tix available through ticketweb.
Mar 10- 7:30 p.m., Olympia, Dublin, IRL, 17.50-18.50 (P,O,T-IRL)
Mar 12- Corn Exchange, Cambridge, ENG (P,O)
Mar 13- 7 p.m., Hammersmith Palais, London, ENG, 14.50 (P,O,T-UK)
Mar 14- Elysee Montmartre, Paris, FRA (P,O)
Mar 15- Ancienne Bengique, Brussels, BEL (P,O)
Mar 18- Planet Music, Vienna, AUSTRIA (P,O)
Mar 20- Babylon, Munich, GER (P,O)
Mar 21- Longhorn, Stuttgart, GER (P,O)
Mar 22- Hugenottenhalle, Neu-Isenburg, GER (P,O)
Mar 23- Hirsch, Nuremburg, GER (P,O)
Mar 24- Kesselhaus, Berlin, GER (P,O)
Mar 26- Live Music Hall, Cologne, GER (P,O)
Mar 27- PC 69, Bielefeld, GER (P,O)
Mar 29- Train, Aarhus, DEN (P,O)
Mar 30- Rockefeller, Oslo, NOR (P,O)
Apr 1- AAS University, NOR (cooking vinyl)
Apr 2- Karen, Gothenburg, SWE (P,O)
Apr 3- KD, Malmo, SWE (P,O)
Apr 6- Manchester University, ENG (P,O)
Apr 7- Garage, Glasgow, SCOT (P,O)

**Apr 15- Avalon, Boston, MA (P)**
**Apr 16- 9 p.m., Lupos, Providence, RI (P,**
doors open at 8 p.m., $17.50 advance/ $20 day of show
onsale Fri. Feb. 18

Oct 25-Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, NY

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Hornblow USA at: hbgusa
Serious inquiries only.

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The Violent Femmes/Cure Hard Rock Live show will be on VH1 on
the following dates:

2/20/00 (Midnight EST)
2/24/00 (1 AM EST)
2/25/00 (6 PM EST)
2/29/00 (2 AM EST)

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Charm Records:

Victor DeLorenzo’s Page:


In Today’s Issue:

Breaking Femmes News
Scandinavian Food
Compilation in England
Age Appropriate?!?!? What the *&%$?!?
Rocks off

Breaking Femmes News
I don’t know if you have time to get this message out today or
tomorrow, but I got an email from a guy named Doug Gordon who says he’s
the producer of a popular radio program called WHAD’ YA KNOW with
Michael Feldman. He said the Femmes are going to be on the show and
will be performing TOMORROW at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento,
CA. The show will be broadcast live on the radio in the Sacramento
area (a little out of my broadcast range, boo hoo!), but the recorded
show will be braodcast on public radio all over the country, on
Saturday in most locations.

Also, just in case you put out an issue of the newsletter before this
Sunday, I’ll be at the Santa Cruz show. Six shows in the past 12
months! woo hoo!!


-Pat. Says: I have the poop on this show. Michael Feldman’s
Whad’Ya Know Show is out of Wisconsin Public Radio (Fancy
that; it’s all clear to me now). It travels all over the
country, and Public Radio Stations throughout the US
broadcast the show at 10-12 am Central Time. Check your
local public radio station listings. I think mine has the
Shickley Mix at that time. If your Public Radio Station
does not broadcast this show, or if you do not live in or
near the US, never fear; check out
for info about the livecast.
As far as I can figure out, the Sacramento station is
As for the show itself, it is at the Sacramento Memorial
Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 18. The webpage does not say
that the Violent Femmes are appearing; only that this show
is in Sacramento on that date. Tix are $30, $20, $15. Call
the box office 916-264-5181 Mon-Sat btwn 10 am-5 pm or
call BASS at 916-766-2277. I believe however that this
show is already sold out, so you’re probably SOL.


That’s 2 CA dates now. West coast subscribers, please check out your
radio stations and entertainment listings. For all I know, there may
be more dates.

Don’t forget the Hard Rock Live show this weekend. Check your TV/VH1

Scandinavian Food
I see the Boys are going to Scandinavia for a tour. I have one word
for survival. BRING YOUR OWN FOOD.

Spent a month there, became an expert on spitting things out.
Breakfast is pickled fish in ketchup, with a side of brown cheese that
gives new meaning to bad. Lunch is Kilbasi in a cream sauce and the
super is brown. Fish is served with the skin on and of course the
Swedish motto is : If you can put it in your mouth you can grind it
and out it in a tube for breakfast.

The good news is the 50/50 beer is pretty good and you can scrape most
of that stuff off the hot dog.

Take care, take cookies.

With Love

Ps Their cows and sheep are mad. (its a long story but trust me on
this one) and there hasnt been a chicken past Germany in 300 years

One more thing – you have GOT to see the statue park in Oslo then come
back and explain it all to us… unless 400 acres of naked people doing
Naked things offend you

Compilation in England
I am the person in England with the video compilation and appologise
for not contacting you sooner. There are 2 reasons why I did not
respond earlier

a) I have made arrangements for the video to be transferred from US
format to UK format, I gave this to a friend of a friend a few weeks
ago but as yet have not had it back and he is proving to be a bit of a
pain ( I will once again chase him up on Monday).

b) I have just split up from my wife and the time I spend at home has
been restricted to a few minutes a week but this will be rectified by
next weekend (by the way in case you have not guessed the computer is
presently at my wifes residence.

I will drop a line to the guy from europe on sunday to put him in the
picture and hopefully everything should be sorted by next weekend.


Age Appropriate?!?!? What the *&%$?!?


AGE APPROPRIATE MUSIC!?!? Fuzzy wuzzy wuz a woman? Clearly the latter
comment was taken out of context – an incredibly condescending context –
but surely it was not intended as it appears.
Sheesh …


Rocks off
Some people seem a little upset by Brian’s remarks that rock music is
mostly for kids and that he doesn’t listen to it much any more. I have
to agree with him. Apart from the Femmes — and I love the Femmes —
I don’t listen to much rock now. To be honest, a lot of it is pretty
superficial and the lyrics are simply crass. As you get older I suppose
you look for a little more depth. It’s the same with everything — the
music, books, films, television and so on that you enjoyed when you
were younger often no longer interest you. It’s no bad thing or
criticism, it’s just life.