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The Quote Of The Day:

I don’t believe in no car
I don’t believe in General Motors
I don’t believe in Ronald Reagan
Or the League of Women Voters…
-From Faith
-Submitted by Jeffrey_Wilson


**March 11- Kutztown Univ., Kutztown, PA**
**March 19- Lupo’s, W. Warwick, RI (O)**
**March 20- Renselaer Polytechnical Institute, Troy, NY (O,P)**
**March 27- Ohio Northern Univ., Ada, OH (O)**
**April 1- Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA (P)**
**May 1- Harvard, Cambridge, MA (O)**

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Leo Kottke
The Seattle Show
Gordon Gano gets his act together!

Leo Kottke
If you didn’t listen to the Prairie Home Companion this past Saturday,
you missed hearing Leo Kottke. Don’t be disappointed, though; he’s
touring right now, and you may be able to catch him at a venue near
In a week, these are all the submissions I’ve recieved. Pitiful.

The Seattle Show
I know it’s been a while since the shows in Seattle but I’ve been a
little busy. I know I gave a blistering review when they played in
Portland and I’m glad to say these shows were awesome.
The shows were basically controlled by the crowds. The first night we
got a look at the opening band “El Destroyo”. Needless to say this
was the rudest crowd of the two nights and possibly the rudest crowd I
have ever seen. Before El Destroyo left I believe I heard at least two
death threats. I don’t need to say they were not very good. But we
were there to see the Femmes. My best friend, my brother-in-law and I
had taken the train from Portland to see these two shows and it was
great. My best friend and I had made Mercy Seat t-shirts for the show
in Portland and we wore them to the first show. The Femmes came out
and played a pretty standard set from what I’m hearing. He did play
some songs like Waiting for the Bus and 36-24-36 which I love, but
aren’t necessarily suprises. As is usual for the Northwest Gordon’s
sister Cynthia was there and is always a great addition to the group.
The Femmes did play “Don’t talk about my music” but that was really the
only song that isn’t on a standard released album. The intro to Dance
M.F. Dance Brian talked about the new coach of the Seattle Seahawks,
Mike Holmgrom (? spelling). During the encore of the show I managed to
make it to the front. During the last minute or so of the last song
just as Brian Ritchie was pulling out the Theramin (?) Gordon saw my
t-shirt and a grin lit across his face.
SHOW 2: I went about an hour and half before the doors opened and got
in line. My best friend and brother-in-law waited at the hotel till
just before the doors opened because the hotel was only 3 blocks away.
There was about 40 people in line in front of us already but most of
them were girls. When the doors opened the lines split into a girls
line and guys line. Needless to say we were the first in the building.
We were at the front during the whole show and the crowd was very
mellowed out. There was absolutely no moshing and no crowd surfing.
The crowd even enjoyed El Destroyo a little bit. Well the Femmes came
out with Brian Ritchie on the accordion singing a little ditty which I
am going to title “Mike Holmgrom come home” just basically pleading
with him to return to Wisconsin. The crowd was cheering but I don’t
think they really understood. This night was for the real fans. They
did play some of the old favorites like “Add it Up” and BITS, but for
the most part they played the songs a fan really wants to hear like “I
wanna see you again”, “Used to be”, “I Hear the Rain”, ect. I really
don’t remember them all, just that the set was awesome.
After about 5 songs Gordon talked to the crowd and it went something
like this, “Was anybody here last night? …(pause)… I know you two
were (point at me and my best friend)… it’s amazing how different the
crowds are, you wouldn’t even think it was the same city.” Me, “Yeah,
last night sucked…Tonight’s crowd is a lot better.” Gordon, “Yeah, I
know what you mean.”
After a little while Cynthia came out to help sing “Jesus walking on
the water” and during a little lull my friend and I started yelling for
Cynthia’s song “Blue Highway” Gordon and Cynthia gave a shocked look
and Gordon started playing the intro to Blue Highway. He stopped
playing it about 15 seconds later though. Well, by this time I pretty
sure that Gordon thinks I’m a freak and it gets better.
About 3 or 4 songs away from the end of their main set Guy Hoffman
throws a drumstick out into the crowd. This is the first time I have
ever seen Guy do this. Victor D used to throw drumsticks out in the
crowd but I just thought that was something that Guy never did.
Anyway, I don’t know whether it was fate or what but I managed to catch
that drumstick. Gordon took one look at me and began to shake his head
in disgust as if to say “Of all the people in the crowd to catch it, it
had to be this guy.” Well the Femmes left the stage after there set and
returned for one more song. During that song Jackie (plays drums with
Guy Hoffman on “Black Girls”) came down into the pit carrying a drum
stick. Jackie walked up to me and said “I was wondering if I could
trade you drumsticks? This one is autographed” I of course said “yes”
and 6 people made a grab for it in the pit. After security, Jackie,
and I had gotten them all off the drumstick was mine. It is a nice
Guy Hoffman signature that reads “Guy Hoffman ’99”. This was probably
the best Femmes experience of my life.
After the show I walked down to a Cafe where I had seen a nice Violent
Femmes poster advertising the two shows. I asked the guy who worked
there what he did with the posters. He asked me if the show was over
and I said it was and then gave it to me. I am getting the drumstick,
along with poster, and my two ticket stubs framed. It is an
irreplaceable piece that will always commemorate the experience that we
had in Seattle.

I’m really nauseaus right now, but that’s alright. Are the femmes
touring right now? are they coming to florida any time soon?? i want to
go see them again..and perhaps take a ROAD TRIP!! Its always fun going
away to see the femmes, getting a hotel room with friends and partying
all night..we usually just go an hour to an hour and a half to see kick
ass punk bands..but the femmes are special..they deserve road trips and


Pat. Says: New tour dates are listed above. At this point, it seems
if you want to see the VF in the near future, you will
probably have to take a road trip through the mud to the
Northeast US.

What the hell is a “Gordan”? It’s amazing to me how many people on
this list refer to the singer/songwriter of one of their favorite
groups as “Gordan.” The correct spelling is GORDON. It was not, and
never will be, “Gordan.” I have never seen the name “Gordon” spelled
that way. Why? Because it’s WRONG.


Gordon Gano gets his act together!

Today, at work, the Polygram/Universal rep came by and she told me that
Gordon Gano was coming out with a solo album later this year. That’s
all she knows but I’ll keep you posted if I hear more.

Erik”36″ Foisy