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Feb. 27-First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (T,O,P)
Feb. 28-8 p.m. Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, Duluth, MN (O,P,T)
Mar. 1-Wayne State College, Wayne, NE (O)
Mar. 3-Marzz, Raleigh, NC (O) TENTATIVE
Mar. 4-Bohagers, Baltimore, MD, $20 (O,P)
Mar. 5-Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA (O) TENTATIVE
Mar. 6-Nightclub 9:30, Washington, DC, $20 (O,P)
Mar. 27 or 28-N. Michigan U., Marquette, MI (O) TENTATIVE

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Past Concert Dates
9:30 Info
RE: Johnny Tabs
RE: I Wasn’t Screaming
Why I Don’t Like Black Girls
Indigo Girls
Literature Influences
Come South

Past Concert Dates
OK, here’s another project for everyone. I’m going to try to compile
a list of past concert dates; ones that can be verified by your actual
presence at those concerts, or concerts that you know about but couldn’t
attend. I need actual, correct dates, not dates written on boot tapes.
The reason for this is that mypen15 has found some errors on his boots,
and he’d like to verify and/or correct them. Send your dates to me, and
I’ll make my list, and if James Welborn wants them for the Unofficial
Homepage, I’ll send them to him, or put them on a mailing list homepage
as soon as I have the time to design one.

One other thing–I can’t access Mike’s Unofficial Homepage..Anyone know
the outcome of the auction?


9:30 Info
I know that the 9:30 club has no age limit.

RE: Johnny Tabs
In a message dated 98-02-06 10:32:56 EST, you write:

<< i think the reason there aren’t any guitar tabs it that its JUST
chords (i think they were D and Em, I’d have to check). The somewhat
complicated part where we would need tabs would be the bass lines,
which I have no idea how to play. Can Any bassists on the list maybe

if i get off my lazy ass which is rare i’ll tab out the bass and the
picking pattern for the d chord….


Hi everyone…
Just wanted to express my opinion about DMFD. I personally think it’s a
really good song – and it really gets you in a good mood. I’ve never
seen it played live, since I’ve not been to a VF concert yet, but I’m
sure it would get the crowd going. I know it gets me and my friends
livened up. Last year in school my friends and I (which came to about
20 of us) would all stand around a table during breaks. Whenever there
was a long pause in the conversation (which didn’t happen very often)
I would say “When I say dance, you better dance” and I would start
singing the song. As soon as I said “Dance, MF, Dance” everyone would
start dancing in their own crazy way. It was really funny – and a good
way to relieve the school stress. None of them had ever heard that song
before (as I guess they were what you would call fake fans – ie. BITS
and American Music were the only songs they knew), but even so, it got
all of us in a good mood and started the conversation up again.
So, I guess I’m saying I think that song is really underestimated. Get
a bunch of friends together and play it. When everyone starts dancing
and bouncing off the walls, I’m sure you’ll begin to appreciate the
“When I say dance, You better dance…”
– Joanna

RE: I Wasn’t Screaming
sorry if you took so much offense to that comment, but im 16, also a
teenager. the only reason i said that was because the time where i saw
them at their bus there was a chick there jumping and screaming at the
top of her lungs “GOOORRDON! COME OUT PLEASE!!” and i thought that was
a bit on the tacky and obnoxious side and i had a better time when the
chick stopped. and i think gordon did too by the look he gave me…just
an opinion. and, yes, no offense was meant.
peace : )

Why I Don’t Like Black Girls
In response to these comments:

<< I also don’t really care for ‘Black Girls’ on CD >>
poor boy!!! Sun~ra will not be pleased!!!

Okaaaay… hmm… let me start off by saying ‘Black Girls’ is the only
song I usually skip on both HALLOWED GROUND and ADD IT UP. That’s quite
an accomplishment, especially considering how much ‘Old Mother Reagan’
and ‘Vancouver’ annoy me. I just don’t care for BG on CD. It’s too
drawn out for my tastes. I liked it when I heard it live because the
Femmes completely jammed it out and made it interesting to listen to,
and took away the drawn out tone of the CD version. The CD version does
have a jazzy, rhythmical beat, but I suppose it just isnt my cup of tea.


Hmm, I can see how people can not like these songs, simply through
either redundancy or being drawn out. I’d ask you how you could actually
like ‘Black Girls’, but you seem to have answered that for me. I don’t
listen to the Femmes to dance to them and I never have. I listen to them
for the music and the meanings in their songs. If you listen to them
only to dance to them, then I guess Black Girls is the perfect song for
you, but I look for a little more from the Femmes because they have so
much more to offer. The Femmes have lyrical mastery as you can see in
‘Kiss Off’ and ‘Never Tell’ amongst others. The Femmes can convey any
emotion in their music, from upbeat bounciness (Blister in the Sun) to
solemn sadness (Good Feeling). The band members play a wide variety of
instruments, which you can hear anywhere from ‘Gone Daddy Gone’ to
‘Didgeriblues’ to ‘I held her in My Arms’. The Femmes’ styles vary from
punk (Tonight) to jazzy (It’s Gonna Rain) to techno (Machine) to
poetically inspired (I Danced). The Femmes have made some of the greatest
songs in modern times (American Music, Add it Up, Kiss Off, Never Tell,
Out the Window; to name a few) and you pick ‘Black Girls’ as your fave
because you like to dance to it? Everyone has their personal favorite
Femmes song (I’ve always liked Kiss Off over Add it Up, but my best
friend prefers Add it Up), but it’s just my opinion that you need to go
re-listen to your Femmes albums again, and maybe you’ll find that the
Femmes have more to offer than just something to dance to…

-Pat. Says: Let me add my $.02 here. For many years, Black Girls was
my favorite VF song, and NOT because I could dance to it.
You see, the first time I heard Black Girls was in 1984,
when Hallowed Ground was released. I thought it was one of
the most hilarious songs I’d ever heard, and it marks the
first appearance of the Horns of Dilemma. The only time I’d
ever heard horns played like that before was in Fear’s ‘New
York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones’ (PLEASE tell me I’m
not the only one who remembers that wonderful song!) Aside
from the use of the Xylophone in Gone Daddy Gone, this was
the first inkling that the VF could and would incorporate
many varied and unusual instruments into their songs, and
they would even play the ‘run of the mill’ instruments in
unique ways. My estimation of their abilities increased
dramatically as a result of that song. When I hear that
song, I hear a bunch of irreverent, fun loving guys having
the time of their lives and expanding their horizons in the
process. Hallowed Ground may be the best album they’ve
released to date; it certainly is the most eclectic.

Indigo Girls
In a message dated 98-02-06 10:32:56 EST, you write:

<< During the encore, they played a few songs with opening band
(Danielle Howle and the Tantrums), including “Closer to Fine” and the
Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun”!>>

darn it all the indigo girls kick…nuts i’m jealous!!!..

kyle =(

Literature Influences
I find country death song to be one of my favorite songs to watch
them perform. However, there is another underlying topic that I
would like to address. I am quite impressed that they seem to
incorporate Classical Greek literature, as well as Victorian
literature and characters into their music. Not that I think
that they are illiterate, or anything. It’s just that being an
English major I have to read so many works, and it’s nice to come
across a character, or a quote, that is in a Femmes song. Just
a thought..

Bye for now..


Come South
Okay, I know better than to write in to whine “When are the Femmes
playing in my area?” But I realized that I don’t see many tour dates in
the south, like, EVER. As far as I know, they haven’t been down to
dallas since 1994, when I was still too young to get into the clubs
where they played. (Trust me, it broke my heart.) Anyway, since I’ve
been of age, I’ve never seen them even remotely in my area. I’d
consider driving a long way, too, but they just don’t seem to make it
down to the texas/oklahoma area much. The closest I’ve seen was the New
Orleans show in November, which a poorly timed physics exam prevented me
from attending. Is this because they are less popular in the south, or
just because they hate touring here, or just because God is trying to
spite me?

Any ideas?

-Pat. Says: The only idea I’ve ever come up with is: Insinuate yourself
among the group which decides who is playing at your school
or other favorite venue. Then exert some pressure, bribery,
subliminal messages, anything you can think of.