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how long can the days go on
when my love is so strong and i know i cannot tell a lie
i wanna see him go bye bye bye bye bye bye bye….”
-From Please Do Not Go
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A Dream
A Dream
Something Said
A Concert Experience
On the Radio

I was just wondering why the person who wrote the Filmore review put
the quantifier “(Unnecesary) beside the song Faith. This happens to
be one of my favorite Femmes songs. I am not sure exactly what the
person meant by stating “unnecesary” next to Faith, so if I have got
it all wrong let me know. I get so pumped when they play Faith at
concerts, in fact I request it frequently, but I have only heard it
once at the 9:30 club show last year. Also I have performed it for
the Sunday School class I teach. My Fourth and Fifth graders love it
too. Yes I play Violent Femmes music at church, and I think God
likes it too. Well those are my feelings on Faith, so just remember,
even if you think a song at a concert is lame, someone else in the
crowd might think it is the best.


A Dream
i had an interesting femmes dream a month or so ago. i had seen a show
in october in madison (an acoustic show, awesome!) and had a dream that
i was back there after the concert. everyone had cleared out except
for a few people and gordon came out and gave me the pick he had used
during the show. i was kind of excited and we started talking for a
bit. then brian richie came over and started slamming the grateful
dead. this stemmed from an incident last year in stevens point when i
actually did meet the band. someone complained that their show was too
short, and that the grateful dead used to play some 6 hour shows. he
(brian) replied with something along the lines of you could have 6
hours of crappy music or 2 hours of good music. he did not seem to be
in a good mood. there was more to my dream, but it has been awhile, so
i don’t remember many more of the particulars.

adam mccarthy

A Dream
I have never had a dream about the Femmes that I can remember, but I
did get a call from a friend of mine from out of town the other day
where he described to me HIS Violent Femmes dream. Dreams are pretty
vague and difficult to remember and there wasn’t much to his and it
isn’t from the horses mouth so its description won’t be very long. He
was wandering Montreal’s used record stores looking for VF records and
he kept finding some really cool stuff for really cheap. It just kept
jumping out at him. He kept buying the stuff. He even found a milk
crate full of VF stuff for 15$ at the end of his buying spree. The odd
thing is he doesn’t really like the Femmes. He was buying all this
stuff for me and was going to give them to me for my birthday!!! Then
he woke up all confused. He felt like he had stolen my dream. I agreed
with him. I wish I had had that dream. He sounded really excited over
the phone!

Erik”36″ Foisy

Something Said
I’ve said something stupid to the band before.
After a show, I met the band and they were real cool to my friend and

We were having our pictures taken w/ the band, and I was standing next
to Gordan (i’m about 6’1″) and I said “would you like me to squat
down?” (it wasn’t supposed to come out like that.) Gordon replied,
“No, and I don’t want you to kiss me either.”
I felt like a complete jack ass, but they (the band) knew what I meant
and all was good.

That’s the end of my cool story.


A Concert Experience
gee, i haven’t written in a while, but the chance to tell my story
again was just too good to pass up.
they’re playing bits, right, and i’m so happy, because it’s my first vf
show. and this guy shoves my boyfriend from behind (as always happens
at shows, right?) well, my boy (scott) sort of does that lean back,
‘hey be nice’ lean, and the guy behind us goes nuts. he punches scott
in the kidneys and scott turns around and yells at him to stop. this
guy’s friend (they were like the thirty-year-old-sleaze-with-skanky-
woman type guys, and the skanky woman looked like barbie, only even
more plastic), takes a swing at scott and misses, and instead hits the
skank. so the skank starts to cry, my other friend steve comes over to
see what the commotion is, the skank tells the bouncer that scott
punched her, and the bouncer(6′, 300lbs) is trying to kick scott (6’5″,
140lbs) out and i’m (5’9″ 120lbs) trying to hold the bouncer off of
scott and scott off the jerk that actually hit the skank. steve,
meanwhile notices something gleaming in one of the guy’s hands, thinks
it a knife, runs, grabs scott and i and we disappear into the crowd,
i missed the whole song.
i was so annoyed.
that’s my story. not too exicting, but entertaining enough.


On the Radio
when the femmes were in seattle last monday and tuesday (25th & 26th)
they apparently recorded an “end session” for seattle’s “alternative”
station the end..
an “end session” is when this radio station gets rather popular bands
that are on tour in seattle to come into a small studio and play some
songs for a few lucky fans, or so i am told…
well, i heard of this and heard that it was going to be played on
sunday, and it was… so, i grabbed a blank tape, threw it in ye olde
cassette player and hit record at about 8:38 last night — and i’m
really glad i did because they played really good stuff…

here’s the run down of it all….

country death song
american music
blister in the sun
kiss off
what you really mean (gordan talked for a bit before this song and
apparently it was written by his sister cynthia (she accompanied him
on vocals) and at the end he added that it was a premeire)
american primitive (“in the premeire mode” said gordan… it was just
gordon singing without any instruments)

and then it was all over…

it was really cool because it was so stripped down and country
sounding –at times i almost thought johnny cash was joining them

anyway, i got it all on tape, so if anybody is interested, just gimme
a holler…