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Feb. 2-7:30 p.m. LaLuna, Portland, OR, $18.50 (T,P,O)
Feb. 4-The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC, CA (O,P)
Feb. 7-Egan Civic & Convention Center,Anchorage,Alaska (O,P)
Feb. 8-same as above (O,P)
Feb. 27-First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (T,O)
Feb. 28-8 p.m. Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, Duluth, MN (O)
Mar. 1-Wayne State College, Wayne, NE (O)
Mar. 3-Marzz, Raleigh, NC (O) TENTATIVE
Mar. 4-Bohagers, Baltimore, MD, $20 (O)
Mar. 5-Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA (O) TENTATIVE
Mar. 6-Nightclub 9:30, Washington, DC, $20 (O)
Mar. 27 or 28-N. Michigan U., Marquette, MI (O) TENTATIVE

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Would like boots of the following shows:
9/95 Maritime Days
1/96 Winterfest, Icehouse (first show)
7/4/96 Summerfest, Marcus Amphitheatre
8/97 Waukesha County Fair
Plus, I know there was a guy with a video camera at the Winterfest show.

Wanted: boot of November 14, 1996 University of Maine Orono show.

Wanted: any VF boots, particularly the 9/16/97 Palace show in
Hollywood. Check my page for my list:

Wanted: any VF boots.
Will trade for the following boots:
3 Nirvana
1 Sonic Youth
1 Sex Pistols
2 Rolling Stones
1 Who

Wanted: boot of the Carrol College show (WI), end of 96.
Will trade copy of Tom Waits singing a Jack Kerouac song at the Allen
Ginsberg Memorial show earlier this year, or will pay cash.

Wanted: boot from the Nov. 8th show at House of Blues in Lake Buena
Vista. Will trade whatever I have….

Wanted: Violent Femmes MP3’s. I have Blister in the Sun.

Wanted: Violent Femmes bumper stickers.

Will trade copies of Film Noir for other shows, not necessarily just
the VF.

Boots available at my homepage:
Also I have a Video from Wisconsin of them.

Will tape copy of GPB Soundtrack.just send me a tape and two dollars
for postage.

If anybody wants a copy of rock, i could get you a cd copy of it for a
good trade or cash.

Looking to trade videos. I have the following:
Gone Daddy Gone, Nightmares, Breaking Up, American Music,
Used to Be, Blister in the Sun (Woodstock performance), Children of the
Revolution, and also interviews of when they were on MuchMusic in
Canada. I am looking for any videos or interviews that I have not

Will trade Grateful Dead boots for any VF videos or tapes. I have
boots from Dead shows in Albany. 3/24/90 3/25/90 3/26/90 And
a show in San Francisco, CA on 8/13/75 (a boot of my Uncles that he
traded me for a copy of the 3/25/90 show. My first boot trade.)

Will trade: BITS video, BITS at woodstock, BITS on 120 minutes, Sabrina
The Teenage Witch, Pete and Pete w/ Gordon Gano, Dennis Miller Show,
Eep Op Ork Ah-Ah video, Machine Single, Film Noir, Pittsburgh
bootleg 83?, Sweeden bootleg
I would like to trade or buy VF appearance on Conan O’Brien show or
any other tv appearance or music video not listed above. No, Let’s Start
Over(original copy preferred but i’ll take just a copy if i can get it),
Film Noir on CD, Bootleg Videos and audios.(I will also trade for boot’s
of other bands, depends who they are though)

I am looking for a copy of a VF bootleg…
entitled “Les Enfants Du Rock n’ Roll” made in 1985.

Will trade Nov 22, 1996 and May 3, 1997 NJ shows that i taped myself
for any other Violent Femmes tapes.


In Today’s Issue:

DC,MD Update
The Stanford Show
The Canyons Show
I Want These
Articles Needed
Carmaig, Darren, Other Interesting People

DC,MD Update
The 9:30 Club show and the Bohager’s show are no longer tentative- I’ve
already ordered my tickets to the 9:30 Club show. For ticket info for
the the 9:30 Club show go to their homepage at and
for the Bohagers show go to
(tickets can be ordered through pro-tix or ticket-master.)


The Stanford Show
I was really surprised also to see the Femmes playing here at Standford,
just because I saw that they were playing in my hometown, Portland, and
then moving on to some other country. But that was just Ticket Master
misleading me. Anyway, I got in line at 11:00, and sat there by myself
until 3:10, skipping all my classes but one, from 3:15 to 5:05, but I
got back to see that the person who took my spot had left for awhile or
something, I was pretty bummed, but I hopped over some fence, and
ended up getting a second row seat. Which didn’t matter after the
show began because I was right in front dancing. I think my friends
and people around me thought that I was pretty weird looking because
they had never seen me dance in a frenzy like that. The only complaint
I have about the show is that it was pretty short. The Femmes played
for less then two hours because we had to be out my nine, because they
double booked the Auditorum, for some crazy acting thing or poetry

The Canyons Show
Saw them this last Wednesday at the Canyons, which is a big, covered,
open arena outside of Park City, Utah. They had just left Vegas and
were on their way to Idaho. The setlist was remarkably close to the list
for the Vegas show (thanks for that report…), and I was thrilled to
hear It’s Gonna Rain. They also did Old Mother Regan with the encore,
which was a bonus for me; haven’t heard it live before. Wish I’d heard
the I Held Her In My Arms; it’s also one of my favorites…

And thanks to many of the posts here, I “got up the nerve” to hang out
by the bus. Never done that before (I’m almost 30, incidentally…)
First up was Guy, who I said hello to, and told him I thought he had
really done some good things to the music over the past couple years.
He looked surprised that I knew his name…and didn’t say much to me,
just signed my ticket stub. Next out was Brian, who actually did
chat with me for a while (while signing a number of ticket stubs for
younger 16-21 year old fans who seemed too blown away to actually
converse… :-)). Brian thanked me for being a long-term fan (almost
15 years), and said yes, the new album was finished and would be
publicly released by May. He said they really thought Guy had added
some good vibes to the band, too. Gordon came out then, and signed
stuff, and I again thanked him for 15 years of great music. He laughed
and said “wow, you listen to us that long, huh?” And then a younger
guy (about 15) said “all my friends said if I came to see you guys I’d
end up corrupted..” and Gordon nodded in my direction and said
“like her?” He seemed tired, but also said they had to play the next
night up in Boise, so it was back on the road.

They also have a young 20-something blonde girl traveling with them.
Girlfriend of someone? Hm. 🙂

So I had Gordon sign my hat, and all three of them signed my stub. It
was pretty cool (huh, huh…huh hhuh…), and I’ve decided I
*definitely* want to be a rock star, because a young, pretty blonde had
Gordon sign her breast. Seems like a pretty good perk for the rock star
crowd, no?


Laurel in Salt Lake City

I Want These
> The Stanford Show
> The Las Vegas Show

Did anybody record either of these shows??? Please???? Is anybody
going to record any of the upcoming shows?? If you do, tell me. I
want to hear the Femmes live. And I want to hear them over and over
Anyway, e-mail me.


There was a song that the Femmes played at the New Orleans show in
November called ‘Bad’. If my memory serves me correctly, I’ve never
heard it before on any of their albums. I saw it listed on the song
list for the Las Vegas show too and I was just wondering if it was new
or if I’m just crazy. Thnx

-Pat. Says: I can’t confirm your sanity, but ‘Bad’ is expected to be
on the new album.

I love the violent femmes and all of there songs, except one. Dance
Mother Fucker Dance. Its probably gota be one of the dumbest songs one
the face one the planet. If you disagree, please enlighten me as to what
is so wonderful. I just don’t get it.

Nick Janssen :)_~

-Pat. Says: Although I usually skip this song when playing it on the
CD (mostly because it’s so hard to edit when the kids are
around), I must admit it’s a damn good ditty when played
live. All I can say is you have to experience it that way
to truly appreciate it.

Articles Needed
>There’s almost nothing about them in any books, and
>the only magazine articles I could find were not in magazines that
>libraries generally subscribe to. Enter: the internet, specifically
>mike merryman’s homepage.

Hi Valerie (and everyone else)!

My name is James Welborn and I’m the one who took over Mike Merryman’s
web page. The page also holds a special place in my mind because, when
I first got a graphical web browser in November of 1994, it was the
second page I went to. (The first was Yahoo!, so I could do a search on
the Violent Femmes.)

I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that I hope I
can expand the page and bring it more up-to-date and add as many
interviews and articles as I can. In this, I would like to enlist the
help of the list.

So … If anyone has any interviews or stories about the Femmes, please
type them up (with copyright information and contact info, if it’s
available for the source) and send it to me so I can add it to the site.

Thanks, everyone. I hope the Unofficial Violent Femmes Website will
continue to be a great resource for Femmes research. 🙂


# James Welborn (JW1560)
# Webmaster, Vegas Deluxe <>
# Nevada’s Largest Website

Carmaig, Darren, Other Interesting People
Hello VF fans,

My name is Dale Kaminski and I used to roadie for the femmes. I played
trombone in the Horns of Dilemma and Bass on Gone Daddy Gone. I am
working on my own record label now, Charm School Records.

I wanted to write to tell you more about the guy who has opened some of
the recent shows, Carmaig De Forest. He is a talented performer, who,
through his work, has earned the respect of the Violent Femmes.

He currently has two records out (You can get them through me if you

DEATH GROOVE LOVE PARTY Came out on the Knitting Factory label. The
story goes that Carmaig heard there was a call out for submissions for
a compilation of Beatles songs being put out by the Knitting Factory.
He recorded a version of “I saw her standing there”. When the guy from
the factory heard the tune he called Carmaig and said “We don’t think
that your song is right for the comp. But we would like to put out your
CD. This CD has the “Saw her Standing There” song on it and it is pretty
funny. I can call him if any of you want it and get it for you. I will
put up an MP3 of it soon at my site. If you haven’t looked into MP3
stuff on the net yet,You may be interested in looking. You get CD
audio sound, 1-3 MB size, and the entire tune!!. I have been making
them in mono and they sound great. The player is free at
http://www.MP3 .com.

His other record is called “EL CAMONO REAL” and I have not yet heard
it. But I will as soon as it gets here. It is on
St. Francis Records
P.O. bx 4618
Seattle, WA. 98104

Another guy to say hello to at the gigs is Darren Brown. He is the
Lighting Director working the lights from the sound board area. You
probably have seen him and have definitely seen his work if you have
been at any shows. He is also the prime mover in an Electronic/Industrial
group called “IMPACT TEST”. It is highly experimental and extremely
creative. The sound can be hard or it can just as easily be atmospheric.
I have info up at the charm school site (
Please say hello to him from me and freak him out at the next show. He
walks in his own path musically. This is hard for anyone to say. But it
is true with Darren. Anyone with an interest in creative music should
get some Impact Test or solo work by Darren Brown. I know you will like

I am working on a VF scrapbook I hope to have the beginning up by the
end of the weekend. It features old shots of the band in Australia.
They were taken by Sigmund Snopek when he toured with the band as
keyboardist and as a Horn of Dilemma. I am putting out his record, and
it’s called “Beer”. We are shipping it to the pressing plant now. I have
some MP3 up at his site . He is the most talented musician I know and it
is a good step for my label to do some records for us . Go to then just click on the sounds tab. The
femmes occasionally make an appearance on a sigmund record. I have some
cassettes of the album TURNAROUND that Gordon, Brian, and Sammy Llanas
of the Bodeans play on. He’ll sell them if you want one.
Write Me. I think he wants five or six bucks for them.

I do have some VF sound and video from my time on the road with the
Femmes. I would trade for other cool stuff. I have some stuff from the
North Pole, as well as Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. The last tour
I recorded some shows. So write me for trades. If nothing to trade
write anyway we can work something out.

Mike Merryman please write I still have that stuff for you. Sorry for
this bad delay !!

I would like to thank you all again for your well wishes in regard to my
auto accident. I am 100% better now and have put the incident in my past.
I truly appreciated your kind words.

Stay in touch


Dale Kaminski
Charm School Records
P.O. Bx 93273
Milwaukee , WI 53203