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The Quote Of The Day:

When I see you,
Eyes will turn blue,
When I see you,
A thousand eyes turning blue.
-from Gone Daddy Gon
-Submitted by thehappycyclops


Jan 29- Pechanga Entertainment Center, Temecula, CA (P)
Jan 30- Winterfest, San Diego, CA (O)

Brian will be performing with Dr. Eugene Chadbourne on the following:
Feb 5,6,7- Knitting Factory Old Office, New York, NY (O)
These dates are no longer listed on the Official Homepage.
Does anyone know if they’re still on?

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‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
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Temecula, CA
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The Universal City Show
RE: Don’t Take it
RE: Don’t Take it
Balkan Falcon


Well, I don’t know if you know or not, but the Official Homepage is
back up and running.

The Universal City Show
Okay Pat, here’s my review of the 1/21/99 Y-107 Winter Recital show,
with the Femmes, Devo, and Ween:

We got there like extra early so we could be in the FRONT of the pit.
See, the PIT just isn’t good enough. I had to be in the FRONT!!! So,
we got there… and about a half hour later Ween started, with maybe
1500 of the 6000 capacity filled.

They were awesome. I’d never heard Ween before. All I heard about
them was that they were two guys with acoustic guitars named Gene and
Dean Ween. Well, what we got were Gene and Dean and three other
people rocking out on definitely NOT acoustic instruments. They were
great. The highlight was probably the last song, an Irish drinking
song that was really funny…

Then, this group of little kids came out all dressed up nice and stuff
and sang Blister in the Sun and Whip It with this old guy playing the
guitar. They were the “Castaic District Choir” or something, keeping
with the “Winter Recital” theme of the show. That was cool. They
changed the words to Blister from “strung out” to “stressed out” which
Gordon later approved of… But they left in the masturbation
references which I thought was very cool. These little 10-11 year
olds onstage at the “award-winning” universal amphitheatre singing
about masturbation…

So then the Femmes came out!!! Since it was sponsored by a radio
station, they HAD to have one of their stupid DJ’s introduce them.
As she was doing it, Gordon seemed to be rolling his eyes…

Anyway, this is the setlist (not in order, I just got this by going
through all their songs and picking out the ones I remember. I’m
pretty sure this is completely accurate though…):
Add It Up, American Music, Black Girls, Blister in the Sun, Country
Death Song, Dance MF Dance, Don’t Talk About My Music, Gone Daddy Gone,
Good Feeling, I’m Nothin’, Kiss Off, Old Mother Reagen, Out the Window,
Prove My Love, Rejoice and Be Happy, Waiting For the Bus…

Gordon didn’t seem to be really into it. Brian was totally rocking
though… in his red leather pants and that big ass acoustic bass
that we all love… They seemed to be playing a little slow.
Especially during Prove My Love. And there was no intro to Dance MF
Dance. A couple of times Brian started talking and I thought he was
gonna do it, but no…dammit… I did get Out the Window though and
that was cool…especially the part where they stop and Gordon can do
whatever he wants before saying “no….I gotta go”. He milked the
moment pretty well… During Blister, he did the little thing in the
middle where he stops singing and starts talking, trying to get the
crowd to sing louder. During Gone Daddy Gone, the microphone made this
weird loud noise out of nowhere and it scared Gordon. He was like,
“whoa….what was that? That’s never happened to me before… Maybe
it killed me. Maybe I’m dead. maybe it’s like one of those movies
where you die and everything is exactly the same…maybe I’m dead….”
That was cool. All off the top of his head… I’ve seen the Femmes
twice and both times they had equipment problems during Gone Daddy Gone
…the first time, the xylophone wasn’t miked properly or something…
During Black Girls, Brian played the harmonica as well as the bass, and
in the middle he got out this flute/whistle thing and played that. No
didgeridoo though, dammit. They did jam pretty good during that. Guy
knocked over his cymbal stand. Overall, the show was good, but nowhere
near as good as the first time I saw them…but I’m still looking
forward to the next time obviously. But it looks like they CANCELLED
the San Juan Capistrano shows!! NO!! That sucks! Not fair…

Oh yeah…after the Femmes left…

This group of guys came out all hair-metaled out and stuff and started
“playing” Bang Your Head by I think Quiet Riot, but I’m not sure. I
say “playing” because it’s pretty obvious that they weren’t. The
guitars weren’t plugged in and the “singer” can’t lip-synch very well..
but it was fucking hilarious… about halfway through, two of the band
members went back to the drummer and tore off his arm and threw it out
to the crowd, making fun of the guy from Def Leppard. That was great…
they even had this ugly guy dancer pretending to be a chick, dressed up
like Dee Snider from Twisted Sister… it was an excellent lead in for

okay, Devo. Now they were great! No, they weren’t great, they were
excellent (i need some new fucking adjectives). Great performers, all
of them, especially the singer. I did NOT know they had good songs
other than Whip It. They DID. They worked us for all we were worth.
I would go back and see them ANYTIME. They earned that. Definitely
made my top 10 list, and considering I’ve seen live music like over a
hundred times, that’s pretty good. They still didn’t top the first time
I saw the Femmes though….


RE: Don’t Take it

many of my cds and records have that promo thing on it…i asked the
record man before purchasing the thurston moore solo album why he was
selling it even though it says not to on the cover. (it had that gold
stamped promo label) and he said if you don’t want it put it back…..
i purchased it and ran away


RE: Don’t Take it
>Brian ritchie said in one reply that you can legally walk out of a
>store with a promo CD without paying for it since it is illegal to
>sell them… food for thought, i suppose, but i’m not sure i would try

Promos often say something like “This must be returned on demand of the
recording company,” or at least that the company retains the ownership
of the promo. In other words, the record store (or radio station, or
whatever) has no legal way to pass out the stuff. However, I haven’t
heard of any companies actually following up on the status of their
promo material, and considering how careless some small stores and
college radio stations are about passing out that stuff, I don’t think
it’s very risky. If you’re willing to make a copy of a friend’s CD,
you’ve probably already wrestled enough with the moral problems
involved here.

Pat also said:
> Another related thought: If you bought what you thought
> was a promo copy of Freak Magnet, and the “Promo, not for
> resale” notice is not stamped on the front of it, I think
> you can assume you have a burned copy of the promo.

That’s an interesting thought. I was surprised to get my Freak Magnet
promo from Southland CD without any sort of promo sticker on it, but I
did find small print in the back that said that, so I assumed that it
was a legitimate illegal promo (as opposed to an illegitimate, still
illegal one.) But it’s also really cheaply made and labelled….but I
thought that that was just an example of Interscope not taking the
Femmes seriously, which is why they’re looking for a new label.

No matter where that promo originally came from, I do plan to buy the
real version, and generate royalties for the Femmes, as soon as I get
the chance.


Balkan Falcon
actually pat it says to be precise “for promotinal use only, not for
sale” anyways i got the machine single finally and im wondering what
the hell does Balcon Falcon mean? Fuck all the women, kill all the
children, i was quite suprised to hear that come out of gordans mouth,
and it has nothing to do with the prophit of Eliquia, can you understan

nick parr