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Jan. 26-8 p.m. The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, $20 (O,T,P)
Jan. 28-The Canyons Arena, Park City, UT (O,P)
Jan. 29-Union Block, Boise, ID (O,P)
Jan. 31-Walla Walla Armory, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA (O,P)
Feb. 1-8 p.m. Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA, $19.50 (T,P,O)
Feb. 2-7:30 p.m. LaLuna, Portland, OR, $18.50 (T,P,O)
Feb. 4-The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC, CA (O,P)
Feb. 7-Egan Civic & Convention Center,Anchorage,Alaska (O,P)
Feb. 8-same as above (O,P)
Feb. 27-First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (T,O)

**Feb. 28-Duluth Convention Center, Duluth, MN (O)**

Mar. 1-Wayne State College, Wayne, NE (O)

**Mar. 3-Marzz, Raleigh, NC (O)**
**Mar. 4-Bohangers, Baltimore, MD (O)**
**Mar. 5-Washington and Lee University, Lexington, KY (O)**
**Mar. 6-Nightclub 9:30, Washington, DC (O)**
**Mar. 27 or 28-N. Michigan U., Marquette, MI (O)**

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Las Vegas, NV

Seattle, WA

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Would like boots of the following shows:
9/95 Maritime Days
1/96 Winterfest, Icehouse (first show)
7/4/96 Summerfest, Marcus Amphitheatre
8/97 Waukesha County Fair
Plus, I know there was a guy with a video camera at the Winterfest show.

Wanted: boot of November 14, 1996 University of Maine Orono show.

Wanted: any VF boots, particularly the 9/16/97 Palace show in Hollywood.
Will trade for the following boots:
8/1/83 New Orleans, LA
1/20/85 Berkeley, CA
3/16/89 Chicago, IL
7/21/89 Norwalk, VA
4/15/97 Richmond, KY
“Film Noir”
Brian Ritchie – I See a Noise

Wanted: any VF boots.
Will trade for the following boots:
3 Nirvana
1 Sonic Youth
1 Sex Pistols
2 Rolling Stones
1 Who

Wanted: boot of the Carrol College show (WI), end of 96.
Will trade copy of Tom Waits singing a Jack Kerouac song at the Allen
Ginsberg Memorial show earlier this year, or will pay cash.

Wanted: boot from the Nov. 8th show at House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista.
Will trade whatever I have….

Wanted: Violent Femmes MP3’s. I have Blister in the Sun.

Wanted: Violent Femmes bumper stickers.

Will trade copies of Film Noir for other shows, not necessarily just
the VF.

Boots available at my homepage:
Also I have a Video from Wisconsin of them.

Will tape copy of GPB Soundtrack.just send me a tape and two dollars
for postage.

If anybody wants a copy of rock, i could get you a cd copy of it for a
good trade or cash.

Looking to trade videos. I have the following:
Gone Daddy Gone, Nightmares, Breaking Up, American Music,
Used to Be, Blister in the Sun (Woodstock performance), Children of the
Revolution, and also interviews of when they were on MuchMusic in
Canada. I am looking for any videos or interviews that I have not

Will trade Grateful Dead boots for any VF videos or tapes. I have
boots from Dead shows in Albany. 3/24/90 3/25/90 3/26/90 And
a show in San Francisco, CA on 8/13/75 (a boot of my Uncles that he
traded me for a copy of the 3/25/90 show. My first boot trade.)

Will trade: BITS video, BITS at woodstock, BITS on 120 minutes, Sabrina
The Teenage Witch, Pete and Pete w/ Gordon Gano, Dennis Miller Show,
Eep Op Ork Ah-Ah video, Machine Single, Film Noir, Pittsburgh
bootleg 83?, Sweeden bootleg
I would like to trade or buy VF appearance on Conan O’Brien show or
any other tv appearance or music video not listed above. No, Let’s Start
Over(original copy preferred but i’ll take just a copy if i can get it),
Film Noir on CD, Bootleg Videos and audios.(I will also trade for boot’s
of other bands, depends who they are though)

I am looking for a copy of a VF bootleg…
entitled “Les Enfants Du Rock n’ Roll” made in 1985.

Will trade Nov 22, 1996 and May 3, 1997 NJ shows that i taped myself
for any other Violent Femmes tapes.





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In Today’s Issue:

The San Diego Show
Wayne State Info Needed
RE: Phil Cody
RE: Phil Cody
RE: Phil Cody
RE: Opening Bands
RE: Channel 1
RE: How’d They Do That?
Anyone Taping?
Anyone Taping?
VF on 120 Minutes

The San Diego Show
I have never loved the NFL so much.
After all, if it wasn’t for them, there would be no super bowl. And if
there was no superbowl, there would have been no superfest in San Diego,
and if there was no superfest, I wouldn’t have almost gotten beat down by
the cops or gotten to see Brian with a big cheese hat on.
Needless to say, last night was an interesting one.
Despite the fact that my boyfriend is having ex-girlfriend trauma, we
headed down to the Gaslamp District with MY ex, Joe. Both of the boys
were paranoid, and thought for some reason we’d get mugged or carjacked
or beat up by gangs. Those of you who know San Diego, know how ridiculous
this is: The Gaslamp District is about as populated by gangs as
Burnsville, Indiana. But that’s not the point. We found a parking spot
fairly easily (it was NOT hell to park), and then waded through the
crowds to the Miller Stage area.
And then the punchline was sprung: You had to be 21 to enter the
stage area. Jef, Joe and I ended up pressed against yellow caution tape
at the perimeter of the stage area/beer garden, standing on tip-toe, and
catching brief glimpses of the band as we were jostled by drunken chicks
with too much makeup who couldn’t get in because it was too full inside.
There was a nice cop (nice for a pig!) very politely keeping us out.
Until, of course, the chain link fence we were standing beside came
down. About twenty kids started pushing it over, and when the bacon was
distracted, a very drunk guy broke through the yellow tape. That’s when
the nightsticks started flying. And then all hell broke loose, and it
was a free-for-all, and suddenly everyone around us was going inside.
Jef and Joe and I stood there for a minute, decided that the cops were
resigned to our presence, and then we headed into the concert area.
I don’t think I need to say that the concert kicked ass. They played
the normal, radio-play stuff like BITS (I’m quite sure that 50% of the
audience knew only this song), Gone Daddy Gone, and Add It Up. My
boyfriend lifted me up on his shoulders a couple times, and I could
actually SEE the band. Gordon looked… hmm, how to put in nicely… FAT.
Brian was wearing a big cheese hat and a packers jersey, and I couldn’t
see anyone else, even when they whipped out five more guys for Black
Girls (which rocked the house, as usual).
The crowd wasn’t especially rough, in my opinion. A bunch of people
climbed on top of the port-a-johns and dived off into the crowd, and a
couple people fell through the roofs (ew). There was a small, traveling
moshpit, but it wasn’t anything major, as the whole place was so crowded,
there was no room to mosh. The only problem with the whole night was
that it took two hours to get home. Oh, and I got beer sloshed on my
sleeve. All in all, I have to rank it number two in my concert hall of
fame. (k.d. lang still takes the cake.)
One more word:
Claire “I’ve seen them in real life” V.

-Pat. Says: Here’s what the San Diego Union Tribune had to say about
this concert:<>
Here’s what the Milwaukee Journal had to say:<>

Wayne State Info Needed
does anyone kno if the Wayne st. show is open to the public, and if
so.. how much?

-Pat. Says: I searched the Wayne State homepage, and while I don’t like
to diss homepages, let me say that not only did they say
nothing about this show, the SAB and calendar pages were
both under construction, AND when I wrote the webmaster for
info, my letter came back “undeliverable, user unknown”!!!!
I’ve sent another letter to someone else, but in case anyone
knows anything about this show, please write in to this

Hi everyone. Been awhile. I was over at some friends’ house the other
day and I mentioned that Violent Femmes are headlining on Friday night
for the Super Bowl. Someone mentioned that they’d be lip synching. I
asked him to explain and he said that that’s the only way that the Super
Bowl people will let bands play is if they lip synch. Does anyone have
anything to back or disprove this? I told him that I know they don’t
lip synch their concerts simply because I have heard stories of Gordon
transversing the lyrics or what not. I guess by the time we all read
this, Super Bowl will be, let me know what you thought! I
really want to know.

-Pat. Says: I already wrote Beyz, and told her that this very well might
be true for the half-time show, but the VF did not play that.
That said, it would have been nice to thave seen them do the
national anthem, although my husband did indeed appreciate
seeing Jewel in a tight pullover. Sexist pig. But my guess
is that you’ll never see the VF lip synch, with the
exception of videos, which I believe they do not enjoy

RE: Phil Cody
> I had to sit through the most horrible, terrifying musical experience
>I’ve ever had in my life, and guess who it was…PHIL CODY!!!

RYAN!!! you know EXACTLY what you’re talking about!! I was there at
the show at the Palace and after waiting outside in line for two hours,
I did NOT want to deal with PHIL FUCKING CODY!!! Now, the wait outside
was made easier because Melrose Larry Green (of the Howard Stern show)
showed up and entertained for awhile. But after we got inside and had
to wait another half hour just for Phil Cody to show up, that was all I
fucking needed. The highlight of his whole set was when somebody from
the audience screamed out, “YOU SUCK!!” At least Phil Cody was cool and
agreed with the guy. They had this bongo player or something and at
times he was playing this thing that looked like a banana. Phil Cody
had to have been drunk. My friend and I were joking about how the
Femmes picked him up at the bar on the way to the show. He looked like
he was having a seizure during his guitar solos. Is it true that
Nirvana once opened for the Femmes??


-Pat. Says: According to the Official Homepage, Nirvana did indeed once
open for the VF.

RE: Phil Cody
In a message dated 1/23/98 6:34:54 PM, you wrote:


I too saw him. I know that no one cares but I thought it was pretty bad
too. I saw them in D.C.. First of all the drummer was using a PRACTICE
KIT for a pro gig! A pure-cussion rims (rims only, no drum shells).
That is just not a good sign of a professional band. And indeed Phil
was a bad Tom Petty on crack. I still think that Mojo-Nixon and the
Pogues were the best opening acts I’ve ever seen. And of course I would
like to see MY BAND open for the femmes. I’m working on it.

RE: Phil Cody
in response to the hard core dissage of phil cody, i want to say that i
respect your opinion, but in my opinion, they are pretty darn good. i
saw them open for the femmes in georgetown and i thought they were great.
after the show, the drummer from the band came up to two of my friends
and me and just gave us backstage passes. so we got to go on the femmes
bus, then we ended up following them to their hotel. we chilled with
the bands until 5am, and it was soooooo cool. the guys in phil cody are
really cool. we had a jam session in their room. there were a couple
guitars and lots of things to drum on and shake, so we all took turns
strummin and drummin forever. it was definitely a night i will never
forget. especially the end of the night when one of my friends hooked
up with the lead singer. of course, the best part of the night was
having a conversation with gordon, brian, and guy. turns out, guy has
a daughter named whitney, just like me!!! it was a bonding experience.
anyway, that’s my story and i think you should give phil cody another


RE: Opening Bands
>Possum Dixon was a great opening act for
>the New Times tour.

possum dixon opened for them? awesome, i love them! I GOT “STAR MAPS”
and its weird but very good. it actualy somewhat reminds me of “new

actually, i though it was cool at the wakesha country fair that there
were NO opening acts, that it was open air, and they played as the sun
went down.



“what did you eat
that made your breath smell like your feet…?

RE: Channel 1
Yes!!! Lisa Ling and her damn chokers! She must have owned like 200
different styles. Of course, then she switched to that stylish
chocolate brown + baby blue combo that everyone was wearing for a
while. Anyone else forced to watch Channel 1? If so…..any
favorites? No, no, I mustn’t…completely off topic….I should go to
the Channel 1 mailing list…..forgive me!!

“Yo yo yo….I’m Craig Jackson….”


RE: How’d They Do That?
In a message dated 1/21/98 2:52:21 PM, you wrote:

<<****why does the song seem to morph from a studio version to a live

Well I ‘m not sure why they chose to do that. I guess they wanted us to
hear the direct difference between the live version and the album version.
The other thing, in case you arent aware, is that the live version has a
sitar (indian instrument, huge odd looking) player. That has a strange
sound, the solo is not a guitar, and it’s not Gordon playing it.

-Pat. Says: That’s Ashwin Batish on the sitar. Look at the photos in the
Official Homepage. He’s been sitting in with the band a bit.

Anyone Taping?
I was wondering if anyone is planning on recording any of the upcoming
shows? Anyone going should really consider it, if you do get caught they
usually only take your tape. Also, I think one of the best opening acts
for Violent Femmes were Indigo Girls. I wouldn’t have ever guessed that
I would like them, but they were great live. (But not as good as Violent


Anyone Taping?
If anybody is recording shows from this little tour, please tell me.
Especially the San Diego one. I would love to trade for copies of them.


VF on 120 Minutes
I hope you all caught 120 Minutes last night with the encore
presentation of “Kiss Off” from 1993. It was as awesome as the first
time and of course Matt Pinfield had his usually banter to add at the
beginning. At least he praised the magnificence of the Femmes and the
greatness of the timeless first album. There was also a trailer for 120
MInutes featuring Guy, Gordon, and Brian shown just before the video. I
caught both on tape so if you missed it and just have to see it, e-mail
me. That’s all for now.

P.S. 120 Minutes went on to show a clip from the 1989 video debut of
“Nightmares.” It was a very VF evening.