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The Quote Of The Day:

“Eep opp ork ah-ah that means I love you.”
-From Eep Opp ork…etc
off of the Saturday Morning Cartoons CD
(Or maybe not)
-Submitted by thehappycyclops


Jan 25- 8:00 pm, Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA (T,P,O)
Jan 26- 8:00 pm, Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA (T,P,O)
Jan 28- The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (O,P)
Jan 29- Pechanga Entertainment Center, Temecula, CA (P)
Jan 30- Winterfest, San Diego, CA (O)

Brian will be performing with Dr. Eugene Chadbourne on the following:
Feb 5,6,7- Knitting Factory Old Office, New York, NY (O)

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Monterey Peninsula Artists.
Serious inquiries only.


Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Seattle, WA, 1-25
LilBoek (Steve)

Seattle, WA, 1-26
LilBoek (Steve)

San Francisco, CA
rcbarbato (Ryan)
Stepheno (Stephen)

Temecula, CA
welborn (James)




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In Today’s Issue:

My Homepage, Their Homepage (READ PAT. SAYS!)
The Z Place Show
East Coast
RE: Oh, Reggie
Merchandise again/ GUY is SHY
A Sale
Made the Charts
Number 1
Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah

My Homepage, Their Homepage (READ PAT. SAYS!)
I worked on my page again last night. I have put up some
original photos and I’m expecting more. There is one with Brian from
the Halloween show in Milwaukee, Gordon and his fiddle from the
Boathouse, and the picture that Josh took that I couldn’t get to work
until now. It’s from the free show that was in Morgantown, WV.
Sign my guestbook and join my mailing list PLEEAAASSSSSSSEEEEEE!!!!
Thank you.
Speaking of webpages… What the HELL happened to the official
homepage?!? Just when things were going so well everything looked so
nice and now it’s gone. What the hell?!? Ick.


-PAT. SAYS: Apparently, the server crashed, so it’s not the fault of
the moderator or anybody connected with VFInc. It appears
they are unhappy with their server, and are looking for
another. This may take a few days, so please be patient.
I’ll keep you all informed about developements.

The Z Place Show
-Pat. Said:
Yup. Dropped the ball on this one. We should have believed
the Official Homepage, and not Pollstar and TM. Right at
this moment they appear to be playing at Z Place, in Park
City, UT, at the “SLC Punk” movie premiere party, as part
of the Sundance Film Festival. Sorry nobody in UT corrected
me when I asked a couple of weeks ago.

Well, Pat…..

Anyone care to ask what *I* did last night? (Yer gonna hear anyway..)
I am the biggest fan of the Violent Femmes, and they were playing a
“Private Party” for the Sundance Film Fest in Park City last night.Well,
being a tripple Sagittarius with a hankerin’ for adventure, I grabbed
my friend, Steve, and we headed up to Park City. Security was WAY tight,
so we hung out at a bar downstairs, had a few drinks, played some pool,
and about 9 p.m. headed upstairs to try to find passes. I found one
woman who would sell me her pass for $30, so I bought that, and then
went inside…they were marking everybody with wristbands once you made
it past the first line of security, so I got a band, went through, and
found another kind stranger to sell me his wristband, which I then took
out to Steve. Both properly banded, we went in, checked our coats,
partook of the free food, had some drinks, did some star watching (we
saw Alec Baldwin and that Laura woman on the sitcom _Just Shoot Me_),
and parked our asses right under the front of the stage — front row —
for the concert. I kept getting the sweat and spit of Gordon Gano on me,
and he did smile at me a lot (of course, I know the words to all the
songs…). There were a total of about 500 people there…..big-wig
Sundance Private Party, and we made it in. HA!

That previous paragraph was written for another mailing list I’m on.
Suffice it to say, it was a great night. They opened with Country Death
Song, and Gordon did a lot of talking. When they encored with Kiss Off,
they brought the director of the film SLC Punk up on stage (he had
apparently tried to pull Gordon off the stage during a concert in his
youth about ten years ago…laugh) and the director and Gano led the
house (of about 500 people) on the “One, one, one…” riff. It was a
pretty damned good show. We didn’t stick around because we had to drive
back down to Salt Lake City, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the band
hung out with the party into the wee hours of the morning….

I have tickets to see the Kingsbury Hall (U of Utah) show tonight,too…
so we’ll see firsthand how their very intimate, 500 people shows compare
to a hall of a few thousand.

It was COOL.

** lgilbert //

East Coast
Hey! When are they comming to the East Coast!! I need dates, sucka’!!

–Mike Lowery

-Pat. Says: I’ll let you all know as soon as I find out anything. I
always do.

RE: Oh, Reggie
this is regarding Joshua’s comments on the song ‘oh reggie’. I have
read several of the fan letters on the femmes homepage and one reply by
brian ritchie to a letter said that the femmes are for gay and lesbian
rights. I also think that one need only listen to ‘black girls’ on the
hallowed ground album to know where they stand on this issue (whether or
not the song is based on actual events)… and i must add that i’m glad
i paid a measly $9 for my magnet promo, $115 is really steep! Brian
ritchie said in one reply that you can legally walk out of a store with
a promo CD without paying for it since it is illegal to sell them…
food for thought, i suppose, but i’m not sure i would try it…. anyhoo,
i really love this forum! It’s nice to be able to share femmedom with


Merchandise again/ GUY is SHY
Merchandise again/ GUY is SHY

OK. Its been 3 months almost since i sent away for my $40 worth of VF stuff
from their merchandise place off they webpage… does anyone have a 1-800
number to celebrity merchandise, cuz id like to call about my order.. I heard
they are all out of ROCK,so that is why its taking long,but i dont know…
let me know..thanx 🙂
Guy hoffman, as u already all know…unless u are new..dated my mom for a
while. and well, i know a bit about him. yeah, he did leave right after the
pabst show, didnt talk to anyone..but he is soo shy, and he doesnt like big
crowds at times..this is just what ive heard from..well…ya know..good
sources 😉 hes cool,nice , etc..but yeah, i agree..he does disappear after
shows.. o well.. shy is just guy 😉


A Sale
The music store I work for in Canada, HMV, is going to be putting out a
promotion soon. Lots of ’80’s CDs for just 8.99$. I got a look at the
selection and The Blind Leading The Naked and 3 are both on the list, so
this will be a perfect time for all of you out there who haven’t gotten
around to buying them. I have no idea if the few HMVs in the U.S. or any
other music store will also have a similar sale but you might want to
keep your eyes open.


Made the Charts
This is in response to the writer in the January 22 issue that said that
the Femmes’ first album never charted. I cringe every time I hear this
common mistake. Although it did not chart when it was first released,
it regained popularity in 1991, right after the release of “Why Do Birds
Sing?”, and entered the Billboard Top 200 album chart on August 3, 1991.
It peaked at number 171.
Can we please end this myth about the first album never charting?


Number 1
A little VF tidbit.

The number one alternative station in L.A. asked its listeners to vote
on the number one alternative song of all time and they picked Blister
in the Sun. I’d expect that here(Milwaukee) but not in L.A.
Californians know what’s up.

Bill Brower

Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah

I was sitting around my house today, listening to some more esoteric
Violent Femmes material and I put the Saturday Morning – Cartoons’
Greatest Hits in order to listen to Eep Opp Ork Ah- Ah ( Means I Love
You ) redone by the VF. I recalled somewhere, somebody mentioning that
it wasn’t really the Femmes performing this tune even though it clearly
states on the back that it is. So I looked in the notes and found a page
devoted to the song. There’s a neat picture of the band, a small history
of the song ( from The Jetsons ) and a quote. Now at this point I
apologize to everyone if this has already been discussed and I missed
it, but here’s the quote :

“The Violent Femmes did not, in fact, perform on “Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah.” It
was all played by studio musicians in Los Angeles under the direction of
Ralph Sall with Mr. Sall as producer doing the lead vocals. This is
common practice in the music industry and meets my approval…”
– Gordon Gano

( The rest of the quote deals with Gordon’s view of the future. )
Now this upset me tremendously! I know that many books are
ghostwritten. Either for auto(?)biographies since the popularity of
someone doesn’t automatically give them the art of writing or for
money/ego reasons like William Shatner ( Captain Kirk )’s Tek series.
Now the former reason, in my opinion is valid. You want to read about
somebody’s life, you shouldn’t have to suffer through awful writing
style. The later is not, it fools the population, tricks them into
giving away their money. Many people bought the Tek series because they
thought it was written by Shatner and the publishers knew they would, so
they OK’ed it even though Shatner only had the idea for it. So where
does that put the Violent Femmes? They are musicians. What, they
couldn’t do the songs? Too difficult?
I don’t know the full story behind the Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah and I hope
somebody out there can illuminate me. Was it a contract problem? Could
they not fulfill their promise? Who is, and I might be showing my “lack
of knowledge” here, Ralph Sall? How is he linked with the VF? Are they
close or is he like the nameless ” studio musicians “. They aren’t even
named!!! How insulting. It’s like the nude body doubles in movies of all
your favorite stars. Nameless, and here you thought you were looking at
so and so’s buttocks or boobs when in fact you are looking at an
uncredited unknown double’s privates. The producers do it for the cash
you’re more inclined to spend because you think your favorite star shows
a little more. Kinda like this CD.
Now I didn’t buy this CD. Don’t think I don’t have a right to be upset
though. It was given to me by a fellow Femmes fan ( you know who you are
– and thanks again ). If it hadn’t been given to me I would have bought
it. For the Femmes. Not for Ralph Sall And The Unknows. Now I have to
wonder. Who else is on this album, but isn’t really? The Ramones?
Tripping Daisy? Everyone!!? How ’bout other compilations or soundtracks?
How ’bout other ALBUMS! Have the Femmes done all their albums or isn’t
really Mr. Sall we’ve been listening to and have become fans of? Was he
doing the Crow’s Color Me Once? I can’t believe that this has become a
“common practice” to quote Mr. Gano! It’s the first time I’ve read about
it or heard anything about it. What’s next. Indiana Jones Part IV
starring Harrison Ford. But not really. It is really some unknown look
alike. ” This is common practice in the movie industry and meets my
approval ” quotes Harrison Ford at a press release soon afterwards. Or
the next concert you go to. The Violent Femmes, but not really. Big
round of applause for Mr. Sall everyone.
How common is common?
I can’t believe Gordon Gano approved this. It clearly states on the
back – Violent Femmes. Only when you get home, go to page 15 of the
inside notes and read and small quote in the corner do you find out it’s
not. And right next to this quote is “Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah ( Means I Love
You )( From The Jetsons ) Performed by Violent Femmes followed shortly
by who the Femmes are and what instruments they play !!! There sure as
hell aren’t playing them on this album. Gordon Gano: vocals, guitars,
ha! They even ” appeare[ed] courtesy of Interscope Records “. Appeared
I can only hope that this is a joke. Or perhaps the Femmes got screwed
on a contract ( like some long-past WKRP episode ) and this is Gordon’s
way of fighting back without getting sued. But he says : “…and meets
with my approval.”
Please, can somebody tell me I’m horribly wrong.


-Pat. Says: I seem to recall this was discussed a couple of years ago,
before I took over the list. I don’t know the answer. I do
know that I personally have seen the Eep Opp…video, and
the VF are in that…seems unlikely to me they’d pull a
Milli Vanilli. But let’s discuss it.