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*05/02/04 Dublin, Ireland Olympia Theatre
VF at the Olympia Theatre
RE:Mercy Seat Request
Olympia Theatre, Dublin – 2 May 2004
Violent Femmes have just confirmed an appearance at Dublin’s
Olympia Theatre on Bank Holiday Sunday, 2 May 2004.
True legends of their art, book now to see them unleash riotous
classics like, Gone Daddy Gone, Add It Up, Blister in the Sun,
and Prove My Love.

Tickets on sale now.
RE:Mercy Seat Request
The Mercy Seat was a side project of Gordon’s.
They released one album. There was a second album
recorded, but never released. Has anyone ever
heard this album? I believe the singer is/was
Gordon’s wife. The way I remember the night I saw
Mercy Seat here in Milwaukee was the woman that
Gordon introduced to me as his wife looked a
whole lot like the woman that fronted the band.
But I may be mistaken. Anyway, the music is gospel
like, in a Whitney Houston kinda way. But there
is a definite Femmes feel to the whole thing.

RE:Mercy Seat Request
Unfortunately I do not know where you could find a Mercy Seat
recording at this point. I came accross it on Vinyl close to 10 years
ago. The band is no longer together and as far as I ever know only
did the one album WAY back in the mid 80’s. It is very interesting
and I actually think it is pretty good. Gordon only sings on two songs
but plays guitar on the rest. There is a very gospel female vocalist
otherwise. Most of the music is pretty upbeat gospel stuff. Very
obviously Gordon’s guitar work. I have not been able to transfer
my vinyl to CD yet or I would help ya out. Keep searching, it’s got
to be available somewhere.
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