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The Quote Of The Day:

well you hold your foot up so delicately over the sea
and when it comes down it comes down on me
-From Flamingo Baby
-Submitted by ddearry


Feb 23- Lupo’s, Providence, RI (P)
Feb 24- Avalon, Boston, MA (P)
Feb 25- 7 p.m., Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY (P,T)

**Mar 10- Olympia, Dublin, IRE (cooking vinyl)**
**Mar 12- Corn Exchange, Cambridge, ENG (cooking vinyl)**
**Mar 13- Hammersmith Palais, London, ENG (cooking vinyl)**

Mar 14- Elysee Montmartre, Paris, FRA (P,cooking vinyl)
Mar 15- Ancienne Bengique, Brussels, BEL (cooking vinyl)

**Mar 18- Planet Music, Vienna, AUSTRIA (cooking vinyl)**

Mar 20- Babylon, Munich, GER (P,cooking vinyl)
Mar 21- Longhorn, Stuttgart, GER (P,cooking vinyl)
Mar 22- Hugenottenhalle, Neu-Isenburg, GER (P,cooking vinyl)
Mar 23- Hirsch, Nuremburg, GER (P,cooking vinyl)
Mar 24- Kesselhaus, Berlin, GER (P,cooking vinyl)
Mar 26- Live Music Hall, Cologne, GER (P,cooking vinyl)
Mar 27- PC 69, Bielefeld, GER (P,cooking vinyl)

**Mar 29- Train, Aarhus, DEN (cooking vinyl)**
**Mar 30- Rockefeller, Oslo, NOR (cooking vinyl)**
**Apr 1- AAS University, NOR (cooking vinyl)**
**Apr 2- Karen, Gothenburg, SWE (cooking vinyl)**
**Apr 3- KD, Malmo, SWE (cooking vinyl)**
**Apr 6- Manchester University, ENG (cooking vinyl)**
**Apr 7- Garage, Glasgow, SCOT (cooking vinyl)**

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‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Hornblow USA at: hbgusa
Serious inquiries only.


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Providence, RI
jameswelborn (James)

Boston, MA
jameswelborn (James)




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In Today’s Issue:

Columbus Review
VF on Tour
Video Comp
RE: Video Comp
Viva Wisconsin in Canada
Femmes on the British Charts

Columbus Review
I know this is LONG overdue but I would like to post a concert review.
It wasn’t just any concert either- it was THE American Tour!
The Dec 12th gig in Columbus Ohio was the Femmes only American date
during their European Tour. I guess when you have only one date on your
American Tour you have to make it extra special – AND THEY DID!
They played at least one song from EACH album – including the new Feb
23rd version of Freak Magnet! FOUR from Hallowed Ground! They even did
2 Christmas tunes!

Check out this set – (courtesy of Nevin)
Promise, Life is an Adventure, Flamingo,Holly Jolly Christmas,Country
Death Song,I Hear the Rain,Blister,Prove My Love,Nothin’,Don’t Talk
About My Music, Candlelight Song,Waitin for the Bus,Rejoice,Good
Feeling,Freak Magnet, Sleepwalkin’,Color Me Once,Dahmer,American
Music,Never Tell,Black Girls, Gone Daddy,Add It Up
Outside the Palace,Emmanuel (Advent Hymn),Kiss Off

Candelight Song AND Never Tell in the same set!?!?! Outside the Palace
as an encore?!?! Oh MY! Sleepwalkin’ was very cool live & I’m loving
that Life is an Adventure is still getting stage time! And oh the
anticipation drenched few seconds after they finished Country Death
Song – will they or won’t they? Yay! I Hear the Rain! But the highlight
of this show was undoubtedly Flamingo Baby. I took my sister (Hi Carrie)
with me and Flamingo is “our VF song.” We had never heard it together
before – I got to teach her the Flamingo Dance! YAY!

…well you hold your foot up so delicately over the sea
and when it comes down it comes down on me…


VF on Tour
I found on the Cooking Vinyl website ( the
following dates of an upcoming European tour:

Fri 10th EIRE, DUBLIN Olympia
Sun 12th UK, CAMBRIDGE Corn Exchange
Mon 13th UK, LONDON Hammersmith Palais
Tue 14th FRANCE, PARIS L’Elysee Montmartre
Wed 15th BELGIUM, BRUSSELS Ancienne Belgique
Sat 18th AUSTRIA, VIENNA Planet Music
Mon 20th GERMANY, MUNICH Babylon
Tues 21st GERMANY, STUTTGART Longhorn
Wed 22nd GERMANY, NEUISENBERG Hugenottenhalle
Thurs 23rd GERMANY, NURNBERG Harsch
Fri 24th GERMANY, BERLIN Kesselhaus
Sun 26th GERMANY, KOLN Live Music Hall
Wed 29th DENMARK, AARHUS Train
Thur 30th NORWAY, OSLO Rockefeller

Sat 1st NORWAY, AAS University
Thurs 6th UK, MANCHESTER University
Fri 7th UK, GLASGOW Garage

As you can see, no Italy again… :-(((

On the same site you can read:
“February 28 sees the release of a new Violent Femmes studio album,
Freak Magnet, which will be preceded on February 14 by the single
Sleepwalkin’… ” And that’s the cover, I think!

(-Pat. Says: can’t do pix with this program. Check out the webpage)

Well, it’s not that good, uh?


P.S. What about the announced (months ago) video compilation?

Video Comp
Whatever happened to the Video Compilation?


RE: Video Comp
In response to the inquiries about the Comp, please post this –
I mailed originals to all the people who contacted me and volunteered
to distribute –
Monica (Arizona), Glenn (Canada), Harry (England), Nevin (Ohio), and
Eric (Maine). I mailed originals to the contributors – Marylee, Cheryl,
Kathryn, Dale and one person who wants to remain anonymous. I also
mailed you the initial batch of originals and copies back in June.
Since I have hundreds of dollars and hours invested at this point I
hope everyone will understand when I say that I am finished with the
Violent Femmes Video Compilation.
I had fun putting it together and I sincerely hope it gets distributed.


-Pat. Says: OK. I’m serious about this now. Let’s get ’em out. I would
like the above mentioned contributers to contact me. In
addition, I sent an original to Jason in New Zealand. Now,
distributing shouldn’t cost you any money, aside from the
electricity in using the VCRs. People wanting a copy will
send you either (a) a tape of their choosing and postage
sufficient cover shipping or (b) money to cover the cost
of a tape of your choosing and postage. When you have their
money, make a tape, and send it out to them, hopefully in
better time than I have these past six months.
Please keep in mind, people, that Deana was working for the
most part with material which was already several
generations old. The quality is not great, but it was the
best that could be done. Nonetheless, I found it enjoyable.
It looks to me like we have Eastern, Central, and Western
US covered, as well as Canada (West?), England, and New
Zealand. I hope shipping from England to Europe is not
prohibitive, nor from New Zealand to Australia.

Viva Wisconsin in Canada
Apparently Viva Wisconsin is not readily available at Canadian record
stores but it is easy to get at Canadian online music retailers. This
avoids customs and border hassles. HMV ( has the cd in
stock and shipping the same day from a Canadian location. It was
pricey though at $23.99 Canadian. Hope that this helps. Everyone should
get it as it really is the Femmes at their best. Gordon’s guitar riff
in Add It Up is incredible!


Femmes on the British Charts
I just bought two books, one listing every song to make the British
singles charts, the other listing every LP to make the British album
chart. The Femmes never had a British chart single (nor American), but
they did have an album on the British chart for one lonely week. That
was March 1, 1986, when “The Blind Leading the Naked” spent one week at

Also amusing is the one-sentence description of the Femmes:
“US male/female vocal instrumental group.”

Chris Hatch