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The Quote Of The Day:

Nothing to eat and nothing to drink,
Nothing for a man to do but sit around and think,
Nothing for a man to do but sit around and think.
-From Country Death Song
-Submitted by thehappycyclops


Jan 21- 7:45 pm, Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA (P,O)
$47.75, $38.75, $31.75
Jan 22- 8:00 pm,The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV (T,P)
Jan 23- University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT (O)
Jan 24- Doubletree Ballroom, Boise, ID (P)
Jan 25- 8:00 pm, Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA (T,P,O)
Jan 26- 8:00 pm, Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA (T,P,O)
Jan 28- The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (O,P)
Jan 30- Winterfest, San Diego, CA (O)
Jan 31- Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA (mypen15)

Brian will be performing with Dr. Eugene Chadbourne on the following:
**Feb 5,6,7- Knitting Factory Old Office, New York, NY (O)**

NOTA BENE: ‘O’ stands for the Official homepage
‘P’ stands for Pollstar
‘T’ stands for Ticketmaster
‘I’ stands for Insider Info
All other references are subscribers

To book a show, contact Monterey Peninsula Artists.
Serious inquiries only.


Going to a VF concert? Want to know if anyone
else on the list also going? Check here first!

Las Vegas, NV
welborn (James)

Seattle, WA, 1-25
LilBoek (Steve)

Seattle, WA, 1-26
LilBoek (Steve)

San Francisco, CA
rcbarbato (Ryan)




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Tour Dates
We Don’t Have any Real Friends
Boathouse Boots?
New Year’s
Happy New Year!
Just some thoughts of the DEC.30th issue…..
RE: Guy the Artist
He Saw ME in the Crowd
Aids Benefit Show?
New Album?
Solo Efforts …

Tour Dates
hey Pat, I saw an ad for a new femmes show… January 31 at the Coach
House in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Same place they played last

oh and I was in Vegas for about a week or so and the show at the Hard
Rock is being advertised, so I think it’s right. I don’t know about the
Utah thing…


We Don’t Have any Real Friends
Well, I was SUPPOSED to go see the Femmes for the fist time, But
that just didn’t happen. My cheapskate “friends” decided last minute to
back out on me, And I didn’t want to go alone. Bastards. So I’m still
waiting. I missed Flamingo Baby. They all stood on one leg. (get ’em
up! get up!) I’m so pissed that I missed that!
The openning band was The Interpreters. They’re local to Philly,
and as was said, everyone in the world hates them. Not just cause
you’re supposed to hate the opening band so the real one looks better
than they really are either. I mean half the people at the Electric
Factory paid their $20 just so they could go boo them. Then they left
when the Femmes came on. These guys are the Charlie Browns of music.


Boathouse Boots?
Do you by any chance know if anyone on the list recorded the recent
Boathouse show? I’d be happy to make it well worth their while for A
copy! I use to work stagehand, & lights at the Boathouse, & recorded the
Femmes there in ’89. Aren’t their shows just amazing!? It was also A
real pleasure meeting them. They are so polite, & down to earth!
Anyways, thanks for any help you can provide 🙂

Take Care,

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New Year’s
Well, by now, it’s pretty much a blur, but I’ll give it my best shot.
First off, I missed the Pietasters set, because the hotel sucked and
didn’t bring the car when they should have, and so we were late in
getting there. There wasn’t a huge crowd, but they all seemed to be
enjoying themselves. The people behind the crush in the first few rows
were dancing and having a grand old time.
The VF set was only an hour to an hour and a half long. They opened
with Out the Window and played pretty much the usual songs, with the
exception of three songs off of Freak Magnet, and one song which Gordon
said they only play on New Year’s, the title of which seemed to be
I’ll Have a Happy New Year. I don’t make boots, so sorry Eric and
whoever else may be constantly on the prowl for unique songs. I am
glad to hear Color Me Once played more often lately. It’s becoming one
of my favorites. Oh, and am I the only one who likes the way they’ve
been doing Waiting for the Bus much much better than the album version?
I have a set list if anyone wants it, but SOME of you don’t like to see
them here, so I will refrain. If you want it, email me, and I’ll send it
to you.
The Squirrel Nut Zippers also did a nice solid set. They’re really a
tight band, and it wouldn’t hurt anybody to check them out. Expand the
horizons a bit. They are NOT swing, but are more akin to Dixieland/New
Orleans/10’s and 20’s jazz.
So it was a good night, not as good as it would have been if the VF had
headlined,but you can’t have everything. We enjoyed ourselves immensely;
perhaps a wee bit too much, but that’s another story.


Happy New Year!
Happy New Year everyone!
Special wishes to all of you I met – virtually – or in living color this
year! Looking forward to 1999 with all of you!

I live by the saying, “If God had meant for us to see the sunrise he’d
have scheduled it later in the day.” To that I must now add – & Good
Morning America :o)! If it hadn’t been for the “snooze” button & a
remote control I’d never have made it. Between dozing off and my
husband muttering “Why snore…TV…cough… on?” I caught myself
thinking… hmmm… Sabrina the Teenage Witch vs. Good Morning
America expert … ahhhh it’s sooo easy…
when will you boys ever stop giving us opportunities to prove anything
boys can do girls can do better!?!! :o)


Just some thoughts of the DEC.30th issue…..
Pat…First of all, Thank you soo much for another great year! Yep, I
will always remember seeing you outside 9:30 club the March of 98. We
can only hope they play 9:30 again…due to Bayou closing, 9:30 Club
should be getting more artists to play.
Anyway, the last issue of 98 was very interesting. I liked the
emotions in a couple of the letters about how the public treats others.
I also liked the person talking about listening to the Femmes since
grade school or 83. I can identify with listening to them from the
first album too, but I was in highschool. It really doesn’t matter. We
all love them, and the new ones just starting to listen to the band,
only put the gas in the bus to get the Femmes to our concert sites!!!!!
My hubby is 41, and loves to tell me he’s been listening to Blondie and
Joan Jett and many other bands longer than I have been born:) So,
therefore, we should all just gather our rockin’ chairs and baby
strollers, and keep rockin’ to our favorite band for years to come.
What it all boils down to is one simple thing…….We all make the

Happy NEW YeAR 1999!
Kerri :)~

RE: Guy the Artist
<< Does Guy do any of the art on the shirts? just wondering because i
think he did the machine single cover and i like that a lot….i even
made a pretty clay sculpture of it >>

I have a shirt Guy designed…it is a weird one with eyes and stuff. He
signed it in the corner…you guys know which one i’m talking about
gosh i have not posted in a while…hello everyone!


He Saw ME in the Crowd
Wait a minute, “I saw you in the crowd was written about me.” I was
with a big guy at a concert(hence the whale), he motioned Gordon to look
at me, not 2 feet in front of me he stood and we made eye contact. And
continued the eye contact through out the concert. Any way, after that
concert was the concert for “New Times”, so it all fits. And I’m not no
hussie looking cheezie groopie kind of girl. (Not that I’m saying
anyone is) Any way I am convinced it was for me. 😉


Aids Benefit Show?
I am always arguing with one of my friends because he hates the
Violent Femmes. He swears that there was an aids benefit show a few
years back and that all the bands played for free except the femmes,
they demanded like $5,000.00 (or some number like that) and the show
didn’t even make what the femmes demanded so the people that put on the
show had to pay out of their pockets and it was a benefit show.
apparently it was a small one in the DC area, and my friend says he
heard this from a guy in a band that played the show. If anyone knows
if this is true in any way (cos i may have messed up the appent story),
please let me know cos he swears it and i have never heard anything so
really don’t believe it.


New Album?
Greetings, fellow femmenites,

I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the new album.
i managed to get my hands on a promo from interscope records, but the
band has parted ways with that company (yeah! collector’s item!!) and
i’m wondering when and by what company the album will be distributed.
Thanks for any info you can give.


-Pat. Says: We’re ALL still up in the air over this one.

Solo Efforts …
Sorry this took me so long but here, finally, is my attempt at a
comprehensive listing of solo/combined/misc recordings from our boys
that are not Violent Femmes releases. This list is by no means complete
(I came across many other references to recordings that I was unable to
verify) so please everyone feel free to add any info you have.
Kathryn has been kind enough to volunteer to post this permanently on
her webpage so I would like for it to be as complete as possible so
everyone will have access to it! Thanks!

Gordon Solo –
The Mercy Seat
Shrimp Whistles (a children’s recording) one song “Nature Boy”
w/Melvin Rhyne
Carmaig De Forest – Death Groove Love Party
“In Their Own Words” (compilation) – Songwriter’s Song

-Pat. Says: Add to this:
The Heads-No Talking, Just Heads (Gordon contributed to
Only the Lonely)
The Rugrats Movie Soundtrack one song

Brian Solo –
Brian Ritchie – The Blend
also: Nuclear War 12″
Nuclear War/Alphabet 12″
Alphabet/Feast of Fools 7″
Brian Ritchie – Sonic Temple and the Court of Babylon
also: Sun-Ra Man From Outer Space 3″ CD w/ Phil Ochs tune “Parade”
Brian Ritchie – I Hear a Noise (re-titled) I See a Noise
Badger A-Go-Go (compilation) one song “Blood on the Saddle”
w/The Ghostly Trio
Plasticland – 2 songs – “Colour Appreciation” and “Mushroom Hill”

Sigmund Snopek III –
Wisconsinsane (Brian & Vic backup Sig on the whole album)
Turnaround (Brian on 5 songs)
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Brian on one track)

Dr. Eugene Chadbourne –
Pachuco Cadaver
“The” Insect and Western Party

John Kruth – Greasy Kid’s Stuff (Brian on 3 tracks)

Elliot Murphy –
Party Girls & Broken Poets (Brian on 2 tracks –
credited w/ slide guitar?!)
Selling the Gold

Jack Grassel – Thunderstones (Brian plays Didge on one track)
Tetes Noires – Clay Foot Gods (produced by BR & VD) Brian plays
guitar on 1 track
John Frankovic – The Last Noel
Kirk Kelley – Go Man Go (BR produced and sings on 1 track)
The Holy Ranger – Free Hand (produced by VD) Brian on 1 track

Guy Solo –
Oil Tasters – 7″single What’s In Your Mouth/Get Out of the Bathroom
7″ EP That’s When the Brick Goes Through the Window/
Earn While You Learn/Smoke
LP “Oil Taster’s”
FIGGY FIGGY – Ice Musicfest
BODEANS – Love&Hope&Sex&Dreams
ABSINTHE – A Good Day to Die

GG/BR only –
John Kruth – Midnight Snack
Glenn Gano – Unfinished
Yo Yo Mundi – La Diserzione degli Animali del Circo Phonogram
(BR produced 5 songs and plays bass on 1 /
GG sings on 1 track)

Violent Femmes GG/BR/VD
Dr. Eugene Chadbourne
Corpses of Foreign Wars
Barber Shop
Jesse Helms Busted for Pornography
Tony Trischka – World Turning – “Down in the Ciderhouse”
Moe Tucker – I Spent a Week There the Other Night

Violent Femmes GG/BR/GH
Step Right Up – Tom Waits Tribute Album
Elliot Murphy – Selling the Gold -“Queen of the Serpentine”
Pierre Henry – Interiur/Exteriur


-Pat. Says: Thanks, Deana, for all that hard work; and thanks, Kathryn,
for making it permanently available on your webpage.