The Quote Of The Day:
Well darling this is it
-From Kiss Off Gene4
Hello to everyone who loves the VF. I bought their first album – vinyl) in 1981 when it first came out and LOVED it. I am probably the oldest subscriber to this list (I saw Hendrix twice and the Doors several times) but I love the VF and have seen them many times…at least a dozen times. They always do a great show.
Anyway, I have a VF poster if anyone is interested. This is a framed Blind Leading the Naked poster. It is from Germany so all the text is in German. It must be a collector’s item – but some subscriber probably knows more about it than I do. Plus, I can’t remember where I got it.
If anyone wants to buy it let me know. Price? I don’t know. The frame cost me around $80 bucks. Email me with an offer. I will accept a fair price – I really don’t need the money but I thought a VF fan should enjoy it as much as I have. Email – Gene4
PS: I have a bunch of brand new Oingo Boing T-shirts too (cause I saw them 30 times).. if anyone is interested.